American rapper and cryptocurrency investor Nasser Jones, better known by his name Nav, has invited fans to join the cryptocurrency industry on a recently released track.

Last week’s song “Sorry Not Sorry” is a collaboration between DJ Khaled, Nas, Jay-Z and James Fauntleroy, where Nas talked about Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, which was announced on the Nasdaq exchange in April. 14.

“Winner in life, damn coins / I use coins, mostly Scarface cryptocurrencies / Join, there should be more of us,” he says in a new collaboration. The official video of “Sorry Not Sorry”, which was posted on YouTube last Friday, has reached 7.8 million views at the time of writing.

As Cointelegraph previously reported, Nas is one of the early supporters of Coinbase, investing in the company through QueensBridge Venture Partners. The rapper reportedly joined the series B trip to Coinbase for $ 25 million in 2013, buying 99,000 to 496,000 shares at $ 1.00676 per share.

Coinbase COIN shares on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange opened at $ 381 in mid-April, indicating strong institutional demand as the reference price for pre-listing of the shares was only $ 250. One billion. Nas, who could earn as little as $ 40 million dollars from his early investment in Coinbase, took to Twitter the day of the listing, saying, “The long-term cryptocurrency is forever … due to illness and health.”

As previously reported, QueensBridge Venture Partners Nas has invested in several other crypto companies, including Bitfury Group and BlockCypher, as well as the crypto-friendly app trading app Robinhood.

Songwriters have also been involved in the coding industry. In February, Jay-Z partnered with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to create a 500 Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin Development Fund.

However, DJ Khaled had no luck with cryptocurrencies. In 2019, US regulators’ record product paid six figures to market Centra Tech’s fake ICO on social media.