Nassim Taleb, the author of Skin in the Game, entered into a small debate on Twitter explaining that most investors cannot understand the nuances of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

According to a tweet posted by Nasim Taleb on June 21, Bitcoin (BTC) is a good idea, but “almost all bitcoins are completely stupid.”

The student exchanged messages with Giacomo Zuko, who called himself “Bitcoin MacList”. He challenged the Taliban’s view of introducing central planning for bureaucrats and politicians who do not have skin in the game as their best risk management strategy.

A former Wall Street trader who approached a professor of risk engineering called himself the local “liberal for the highest levels of central government.”

Liberal views on Bitcoins
Despite the pressure from many countries to create central bank digital currencies, many people in the crypto environment see bitcoin as a way to differentiate themselves from traditional financial institutions.

Some of the early supporters of the BTC, such as Roger Ver, advocated for a liberal economy. Cointelelegraph also said in April that a liberal think tank criticized the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to expand the rules in a clear attempt to regulate cryptocurrency.