An increase in Bitcoin (BTC) on the stock market is not a sign that investors are preparing to sell, according to new research.

Reflecting on the latest stock market data on December 28, Glassnode online analyst TXMC noted the recent changes in China for the emerging balance sheet elsewhere.

Binance “attracts” orphaned Huobi users
The end of December causes nervousness as BTC prices in coverage are combined with increasing inputs.

Binance is particularly sensitive as BTC shares rise, a classic indication that traders are at least putting themselves at risk in the event of higher price volatility.

At the same time, however, Chinese investors have been frozen by international spot trading following the continued boost in China’s cryptocurrency trade.

Huobi Global, the branch subsidiary of Huobi China’s China Stock Exchange on December 15, barred Chinese citizens from accessing its trading services. They now sell the money until the end of the month and then have a period of one to two years to withdraw it. Their accounts.

“From 16:00 (UTC) until December 31, 2021, users in mainland China can no longer sell their products or manage any transaction contained in CNY,” the closed blog post said.

“If the customer does not cancel the sale order before the stop, the system will automatically cancel all pending orders. The return function will be available for 1 to 2 years and will be notified before closing.” Consumers are advised to manage their digital data as soon as possible.
As a result, these users can simply move the badges to other platforms, specifying an increase in Binance balance.

“Binance recently updated its foreign exchange balances. My view is that China is closing some stock exchanges in the EOY because they are attracting consumers from Hubei and elsewhere,” the chart supports the TXMC idea. Leave a comment

“It’s interesting that if you combine the Binance + Huobi bills, it’s about. Purely neutral.”

Bitcoin exchange balance against BTC / USD graph. Huobi (Blue), Binance (Green), Combined (Red). Source: TXMC / Twitter
Liquidity Challenges
According to Cointelegraph, sales concerns are growing as there are fewer volumes during the holiday season and fewer purchases overall.

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This lack of liquidity could spur any sudden move, with the big corporate players coming back just next week.

However, the nuances remain as small investors continue to create BTC portfolios, while large investors seem to be few.

The retail sale of mosses with fuel is considered a possible event in the future, the analysis says.

Source: CoinTelegraph