Forex traders have always been interested in what cryptocurrency can offer. There was only one problem: it is often not available on known platforms.

Now the company has launched a trading platform that provides access to cryptocurrency-oriented products using MT5, which means that new digital assets, as well as derivatives, such as CFDs, are available through a tool they know and trust.

CryptoAltum says the infrastructure was built in response to growing demand from those who so far only focus on foreign currency. The company also believes that the platform will be useful for traders who want to find an alternative to buying and selling digital assets on the crypto exchange.

Points of difference
The team responsible for CryptoAltum recognizes that the market is competitive and more saturated. To that end, I focused on solving some of the biggest issues that traders are currently facing when using existing platforms.

Checking Knowing your customer, or KYC, has become a serious obstacle for many – at least because entering passport details and ID numbers can be a time-consuming process. In this regard, CryptoAltum declares that it provides a simple and fast registration process that eliminates the maximum number of steps, allowing users to enjoy anonymity.

The CryptoAltum platform is also especially optimized to pave the way for uninterrupted cryptocurrency trading, with lightening execution of orders, ensuring that users will never get bored with the rapid movement of markets. Leverage is available up to 1: 500, which means customers can trade in amounts far in excess of their deposits. CryptoAltum also claims to offer a typical $ 3 Bitcoin spread, as the study claims its competitors average $ 30.

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With CFDs, traders can speculate on major cryptocurrency price trends like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), without having to own the same asset.

In addition to cryptocurrency, the platform is also active on Forex, Gold and Indices. Together, the company says it has the potential to become a one-stop-shop for every trader’s needs – whether they want to buy long Forex pairs, use bitcoin for hedging or rely on precious metals as a safe haven.

Customers using CryptoAltum can fill their accounts around the clock using the “secure encryption wallets” provided through the platform. Deposits are accepted in Bitcoins, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cache (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and True USD. When the transactions are completed, most of the money is stored in cool wallets. In addition to turning off the Internet, this repository is distributed in four locations and is further protected thanks to anti-virus software and late access.

The company recognizes that some users may be brand new with cryptocurrency, noting that demo accounts are available to help them develop a testing strategy, familiarize themselves with the system and conduct experiments without damaging the assets.

Security and reliability are top priorities for the experienced CryptoAltum team. The company’s CEO, Amy Pepper, has more than 10 years of contract experience and brings “tremendous experience and understanding” to her activities following her previous work with companies such as FXPro and IC Markets.

With more than 60 digital currency pairs and regularly offered new additions, the company hopes to become a more authoritative competitor on stage.