Flipside Crypto’s latest report takes a closer look at the Tron (TRX), hoping to answer the question many cryptocurrency critics have asked: “Do you see a scam?”

Dubious past
The report begins by repeating the throne’s story about a vulnerable background – from the supposed plagiarism of a white paper to a promise of a $ 20 million reward, which has never been fulfilled. But the report reached an unexpected conclusion:

“It turns out that monitoring the active display of TRX over the past 30 days is showing a very healthy and healthy ecosystem.”

Gloria is here
The report indicates that users wager that whales and ordinary users use decentralized applications, TRX trades on decentralized exchanges, and operators and voters get rewards. Finally, perhaps the most important conclusion is that TRX shipments are not concentrated among many large wallets, but are evenly distributed.

Summing up their research, researchers argue that Tron is “more realistic” than 90% of the blockchain projects they’ve looked for:

“But what if it was just an intellectual illusion in a room that focused too much on trolls on Twitter and not enough on a successful TRON business model?” There are facts proving that TRON is a real business. Perhaps more real than 90% of the blockchains we’ve seen. ”

The report’s positive conclusion is unlikely to persuade all of the infidels, but perhaps this is the only case that does not require unanimous approval.