Curio, a platform that sells non-exchangeable tokens, helps bring NFT to life based on the American Gods TV series. The show is based on the novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman.

“We are working with Fremantle to create officially licensed digital collections for the popular TV show American Gods, which airs on STARZ in the United States and Amazon Prime Video internationally,” Curio CEO Juan Hernandez told Cointelegraph.

“This is the first of its kind to use NFTs with mainstream media and show how major brands have begun to embrace them as an integral part of their broader digital strategy. Curio Fremantle lets them update the way they interact with fans, developing emotional connections for the more digital generation of viewers who have them. “Mastering to do more with things you love. Now they can own a part of the plot wherever they go, in an authentic and authentic way. ”
According to IMDB, the production company Fremantle and Canada Film Capital produce American Gods TV.

What is NFT? NFT are non-negotiable symbols, which means they give a unique, controllable sense of ownership to the property they represent. Fungal sensitivity refers to the uniqueness or lack of an element. If something can be replaced, it can be exchanged or tossed around with another object of this type.

Hernandez explained: “Technically, NFT uses blockchain technology to demonstrate the uniqueness of a digital element (scarcity) or, as he puts it (authenticity can be verified), adding:

“But many people think only NFT is ‘digital Beanie Babies’ with limited benefit outside of aggregation. However, we see NFT’s ability to create unique digital experiences that were previously impossible before the advent of fan engagement renewal technologies. This is what we are pleased with. Strengthen our brand partners. ”
Last year, Matt Kane’s NFT digital work, In The Right Place, At The Right Time, grossed over $ 100,000. In the following months, NFTs became a warmer market. The hosts recently paid millions of dollars to buy an NFT based on illustrations from a former Major League Baseball team. Other NFTs have recently hit multi-million dollar awards as well.

Why is there a growing interest in NFT in the cryptocurrency market? Hernandez said the world is becoming more digital. He said: “There are generational trends in the transition from physical to digital, and the COVID pandemic has certainly accelerated these trends as people are being forced to stay at home.”

Philosophically, he added, the same testable elements of scarcity and strength that led to Bitcoin’s dominance in the market play a role in NFT. “Being able to achieve full sovereignty over a digital asset is a new experience for many, and it forces you to really rethink the ‘ownership’ of goods in the digital economy.”