The highly publicized NFT sale of popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres failed, and the comedian sold only five of the ten available gold versions of his intangible icon Stick Cat Woman for $ 2,500 on the Bitski platform. Another 64 people paid $ 100 each for the open silver version of the same NFT.

The drawing appears to have been made with minimal effort to ridicule the notion that some of the old celebs would be marketed as NFT.

Platinum NFT Monologue from DeGeneres had the highest price at $ 14,555. In total, the charity World Central Kitchen generated sales of only $ 33,455 – even after promoting it on its nationwide talk show and 79 million followers on Twitter. But perhaps the audience was just wrong.

Although there has been a backlash against the sale in some quarters of the crypto community, every regular NFT ad is a good one, right?

Crypto founder wanted charity
With more emphasis on the notion that NFT investors will become more selective, the world’s “first major charity NFT,” Covid: help, will not be listed in auction a week after opening trading.

Covid: Aid aims to support those affected by the pandemic, and those who buy NFT – the image of the charity’s new logo – will have the coveted nickname “Covid: Helping Crypto Founder Philanthropist”. The reserve was originally priced at a reserve price of 1 ETH on April 21, and the reserve dropped to 0.1 ETH the next day, but has yet to receive orders.

Basketball Warriors
The Golden State Warriors became the first professional sports team to launch their NFT range at OpenSea. The Legacy collection is up for auction this week and includes symbolic championship episodes and ticket arms from the iconic 1947 games, as well as NFT, including some IRL appearances. The team’s interest in the room is said to be driven by the success of NBA Top Shot, which has recorded half a billion dollars in sales since its launch.

The world’s most expensive sneakers are fragmentary
Rare sneaker platform bought the 2008 Nike Air Yeezy 1 Sneaker from Kanye West on Sotheby’s Monday for $ 1.8 million, making it the most expensive sneaker ever. announced plans to split the two and sell shares to the “cross community”.

However, it doesn’t look like the sneaker will symbolize NFT – Rares’ terms and conditions don’t mention digital assets, and the Crunchbase profile mentions selling sneaker stock via the app via the first public view. Several sites with unfragmented assets have emerged in recent years, indicating that this concept is not unique to NFTs.

Controversy with the NFT Oscars
The artist behind the controversial NFT Awards unexpectedly apologized to the late Chadwick Bosman and promised to make changes. Andre Oshea was commissioned by the Academy to create a piece of art that many viewers apparently considered a sure sign that Boseman was close to winning a Best Actor award …

NFT has been criticized for its environmental impact, the fact that only 50% of the proceeds went to charity, and for “trying to capitalize on the tragedy of Boseman’s death and the current speculative interest in NFT”, according to Gizmodo Australia. Some hired an artist to list NFT for $ 1.2 million, as Oshea only spent $ 50 purchasing the 3D Boseman head model that NFT was based on. On Tuesday, the artist issued a statement apologizing for “something unpleasant”:

“Now I understand Chadwick’s face is a disturbing reminder of his death, not his life, and I will return the artwork and put it up for auction later this week.”