Another celebrity to suddenly realize the tremendous artistic value of symbolic art (or “criticism”, depending on your point of view) was the rapper and co-founder of Four Festival Jah Rul, auctioning 48 x 60 inches, an oil painting with the Fyre Fest logo with associated NFT. Flipkick starts at auction starting at $ 600,000 today.

The Men’s Festival was a much-promoted luxury festival in 2017 in the Bahamas with $ 100,000 ticket packages that turned into a legendary disaster. Co-founder Billy MacFarland was sentenced to six years in prison for $ 28 million fraud, but Jah Rule was acquitted of the charges. It looks like he’s still in pain. “Damn this board,” he writes in his notes on NFT and drawing.

Rule’s long history with NFT goes back to at least “two weeks” – when the concept was first discovered. He was quoted by Forbes as saying, “I haven’t gotten a lot of education in it, and I’m still learning a lot about it.”

“I think people are a little bit tired of common stocks and bonds.”
Symbolic dance moves

Performing arts company Beauty in the Streets has partnered with the Enjin blockchain to enable dancers to encode their signature motions as “emotions” based on the token. The token collectibles are particularly difficult moves – think Michael Jackson’s moonwalk – which are then sold to players for use as animated icons in participating games.

The first token move, Snap Boogie’s Speedy Walkovers, is up for auction today and can be used in an Enjin-powered game AlterVerse.

Tezos talks about green NFTs
After the ArtStation setback last week due to the environmental costs of building NFTs, a new NFT market is starting to talk about Tezos’ energy efficiency. The blockchain uses Tezo’s Liquid Proof of Stake (LPoS), which is more energy efficient than Ethereum’s Proof of Work (PoW) – at least until the launch of Eth2.

Hic et Nunc, the NFT marketplace developed by Brazilian developer Rafael Lima, has been operating for about two weeks now. Digital Art Lamp Mike Tyka has now designated his Portraits of Imaginary People collection as NFT, which consists of works previously shown at Christies. He said:

“Building NFT with Ethereum would eliminate many years of trying to reduce my personal climate footprint with the push of a button. After discovering some recommended options, I felt that if I got into this room, I would support what I think is just the business and ethical future of NFT.”

A populist anti-Trump tweet is up for sale
Following in the footsteps of Jack Dorsey, who is auctioning off the signed NFT of the world’s first tweet of value (bids up to $ 2.5 million), political news site The Recount is selling a 1: 1 viral video sharing tweet since March. 2020.

Almost nine million people viewed that tweet, dubbed Trump Calendar for Coronavirus, at the time. The auction starts today at the NFT Zora trading floor.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s collectible piece sold for a record $ 290,000
A rare soccer kit featuring Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo sold this weekend for $ 289,920. That’s the highest price ever for an officially licensed collectible sports card (even less than the best shot in the NBA).

The group was part of a fictional soccer match in Sorara, which is officially licensed by 126 of the world’s best teams.