Playboy Difference will be marketed as NFT after the classic men’s magazine announced its partnership with Nifty Gateway today.

The entertainment and lifestyle brand, known for its Playboy bunnies, its distinctive tagline and the dubious claim that men “only read it for articles”, plans to symbolize its 67-year-old art, comedy and photography archive, as well as releasing new assets. Work.

According to the April 6 announcement, the brand has not revealed specific details of NFT Drops on Nifty, but is announcing plans to “support new artists and underrepresented actors entering the NFT art community” with the launch of the first NFT in collaboration. With former Playboy Slimesunday contributor, better known as Mike Parisella, and the upcoming June issue featuring 3D artist Blake Catherine to create an NFT series dedicated to pride.

In a conversation with Business Insider, Rachel Weber, Playboy Brand Manager and Head of Corporate Strategy, shared her enthusiasm for NFT implementation:

“We see the digital real estate revolution as a huge business opportunity. We see huge growth potential in integrating tokens into our streetwear business, in our live shows and events, and creating a social symbolic economy through our talent network.”
“In the first issue of Playboy, there is a line: Picasso, Jazz, Nietzsche and sex are four perfect conversation topics for any sophisticated person,” she added. “At the heart of Playboy’s DNA is the recognition of great art and artists.”

Skeet NFT SNL is sold as NFT
Saturday Night Live premiered his only show “What the hell is NFT?” Trashy for $ 171.99 ETH worth about $ 360K yesterday at OpenSea.

NFT has a few seconds of satirical excerpts – Pete Davidson’s comic rap that breaks symbolism – with NFT including two tickets to record an episode of Season 47. The highest cost was Dr_Dumpling, which has yet to be written. – Listed in secondary markets and kept NFT closed.

The proceeds will go for a good reason: the evening comedy show will donate all the money to the Ideal Organizing Center, Stop AAPI Hate, which responds to the hate issues associated with Asain as xenophobia and expulsion mount. Associated with the COVID-19 Epidemics.

Failed Best Collegiate Basketball Player in NFT
Luca Garza became the first college basketball player to outperform NFT after performing in OpenSea yesterday.

The auction will close on April 9, and at the time of writing four bids have been received so far, with the price moving from 0.25 Ethereum to a maximum bid of 0.67 Ethereum of over $ 1,400.

The National Athletics Association, or NCAA, is currently preventing college students from taking advantage of the name, image, and appearance. However, NFTs can now serve as a new source of income for graduates, and Garza is now free to make money after he recently completed his final year in college basketball.

Garza’s celebrates this year’s winning national player unanimously and releases NFT with a host of career highlights, which include an interesting set of real bonuses.

Those who pay the highest price will have the opportunity to meet the player, play the horse with him, participate in a meditation session, attend lunch, and watch a movie. Additionally, the highest bidder will receive a VIP card for Garza’s future basketball camps and a pair of signed sneakers.

NFT after the bubble burst
Peter Wood, CEO and co-founder of UK-based cryptocurrency trading platform, CoinBurp, thinks NFT will get stronger again after the first bubble bursts.

During an interview with D-Corp on YouTube yesterday, the CEO compared Bitcoin to 2017, when the price peaked around $ 20,000 before collapsing, stating that:

“People called Bitcoin a bubble again in 2017, right? And when the bubble burst, they thought it was the end of Bitcoin. After several years, it was stronger than ever.”
“I’m sure this is a bubble,” Wood admitted, as he believes exorbitant prices and sales in the NFT market are “inflated by those people trying to break into the industry and make money quickly.”

However, he emphasized that ups and downs are normal parts of market cycles, and that investments in NFT infrastructure will stabilize the industry’s progress:

“When it really cracks, and it finally happens, because every financial market is going through this downturn, there will actually be a lot of additional investment, like our company, and build specifically for NFT. The products will not be fully developed for three to six months. We are building the infrastructure now. . ”