Retired skate pro Tony Hawk is the latest celebrity to spearhead the NFT boom, announcing the upcoming release of a token video of his first 540-degree skateboard on Ethernity. This would be the last time fans could see Hawke do the trick, first landing 32 years ago in 1989.

Now 52, ​​Hook is one of the best skaters in the world at the age of 16. He is best known for completing his first 900 degree tournament at the X-Games in 1999. It also takes its rightful place in the hearts of athletes. many for Tony Hawke’s highly successful Pro-Skater video game series.

He revealed that the NFTs will drop in the coming weeks and shared a video of him practicing a trick that makes him cry. The former pro commented that at his age, the 540-ollie “has grown even more intimidating in recent years” and “his urge to punch has suddenly disappeared” at the bottom of a half pipe over the past decade.

However, there is no shame in giving up a trick that most 20-year-olds simply cannot do, and perhaps make money from it.

New Yorker Sells $ 85 Token Pass

With the power of blockchain technology, you can now cash out. An artist and buddy from Brooklyn just sold a one-year fart NFT shot for $ 85 on the NFT OpenSea Marketplace.

The project kicked off last year in quarantine, with no ambition to make it a symbolic symbol before the group sees the prohibitively high prices set online for NFT. The main man behind the gas emissions, Alex Ramirez-Malles, told the New York Post: “The NFT mania is ridiculous – the idea of ​​appreciating something intangible in its essence.”

Ramirez Malle’s ability to profit from windbreaks may actually be possible at OpenSea as they do not levy pre-gas taxes on coins.

“I hope these NFT speeds can immediately criticize [absurdity], make people laugh and make me rich,” he said.

The artist will literally burn Star Wars and Marvel NFT for you.

Mogul Productions, a decentralized film funding platform, will launch the NFT series in collaboration with Washington-based cartoonist Marvel and Rob Pryor. The premiere will feature three Star Wars, Marvel and The Wolf of Wall Street-inspired artwork, which will be auctioned at the Mogul booth in late spring.

Through the NFT auction, buyers have the opportunity to receive or see original artwork in action by an artist through video. The NFT film, which features a charming painting by British street artist Banksy, raised nearly $ 400,000 at auction.

Ripple is looking for ways to integrate NFT into XRP ledger

Ripples CTO David Schwartz said he is considering potential ways to include non-exchangeable tokens on the XRP ledger. In an interview with Thinking Crypto posted on YouTube on March 17, Schwartz pointed out that he is fascinated by NFT and is particularly “encouraging people to pack things”:

“If I look at the NBA Top Shot, it’s a great NFT project – they have a great user experience, but what matters is that I have a relationship with something that means something to me that no one else has.”
Schwartz also sees the potential for NFTs to reform digital rights and property, noting that consumers on platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, and Apple do not own songs or movies, making them prone to price fluctuations in subscriptions and the loss of their own content. it happens. Pallets fail.

NFL star Patrick Mahomes will receive over $ 80,000 NFT

NFL superstar Patrick Machoms of Kansas City Chiefs Rob Gronkowski oversaw the NFT auction at MakersPlace, which ends March 20.

NFT’s Machoms Museum captures the greatest sporting moments of a player’s career, such as GIFs for the Most Valuable Player award and action-movie illustrations. The release includes six open releases and one that is due to close tomorrow at a current bid of over $ 80,000.