NYDIG, a New York Digital Investment Group or financial institution that deals in bitcoin financial services such as deposit accounts, trading brokers and 401 (k), announced on Tuesday that it had received $ 1 billion in investment. The Cape by the Cape. The investment is valued at about $ 7 billion.

This agency is well known among institutional investors. Last year, Stone Ridge, a $ 10 billion asset manager, purchased 10,000 bitcoins (BTC) through the services of NYDIG. NYDIG is ready to accept BTC from more than 650 US banks and credit unions, as well as launch BTC transactions for 18 million US bank customers. In addition, NYDIG has launched a series of new financing activities over the past two years, raising $ 100 million in April and $ 200 million in March.

In addition to the company’s interest, the company is expanding its scope of cooperation with the Houston Basketball Association of the National Basketball Association, which was announced last month. The BTC Group will be paid under NYDIG. By November, the company had announced a $ 300 million acquisition of BottlePay, a technology that could enable small-scale money transfers or micro-transactions for BTC and traditional fiat currencies in the UK and the EU.

West Capet partner Scott Ginellis made the following statement on development:

NYDIG has a unique role to play in this area, empowering various companies to secure and co-ordinate bitcoins. We & # 39; re We are proud to partner with Robbie and his amazing NYDIG team, which will create and accelerate a new way to earn Bitcoin.

Source: CoinTelegraph