Nyan Heroes by NFT is a cat-themed cat game focused on saving a billion cats from being killed in animal shelters across the United States.

Nyan Heroes is an upcoming NFT Battle Royal shooter game built on the Solana blockchain that will allow players to compete against each other using NFTs with animated cats used to control the NFT robots in the game.

The US project has been in development since October, with the game slated to launch in the fourth quarter of 2022. The first version of NFT is currently available for trading and trading in markets such as Fractal.

According to Solana Art, Nyan Heroes is Solana’s fourth largest NFT project in terms of volume and market capitalization over a seven-day period, at $ 279,000 and $ 18.2 million, respectively.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Nyan Heroes co-founder and Australian Wendy Huang outlined her vision for the charity’s future, as well as an overview of the upcoming game.

Huang has been coding since 2016 and has also built a successful career as a content creator, from vlogs to humorous videos and music, and has nearly 14 million YouTube subscribers.

save cats
Huang stated that her love for cats and co-founder Max Voss was the main motivation for linking animal-centered charity with Nyan Heroes. She said they had an ambitious goal to “save a billion cats” from death at animal shelters through charitable donations from part of the NFT project’s sales.

Nyan Heroes unveiled their first efforts in this area on December 24, when they announced a donation of $ 250,000 from the proceeds of the first issue of NFT to the non-profit Best Friends Society. “This was one of the most proud moments of this project,” she said.

Best Friends provides a kill-free sanctuary for orphaned animals and prevents the death of cats and dogs in shelters across the United States through charity. The group estimates that its Don’t Kill movement has helped reduce the number of cat and dog deaths in animal shelters from 17 million a year to about 347,000.

Huang said the game project will launch a DAO that will give members the right to vote on where Nyan Heroes donations will go in the future.

“We will create a young DAO champion. And part of the DAO’s responsibility will be to determine where to donate the money, to which animal shelter, and to what purpose in this particular area. ” She said.

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Nian heroes
Huang stressed that one of the important points in P2E blockchain gaming is long-term sustainability. She said that many P2E games depend on a steady stream of new users to stay profitable and suffer from players constantly withdrawing money and capitalizing on the game.

“We do not know how many players will enter the economy. Therefore, we must understand that creating a game is not only a game, it is a financial system and how sustainable everything is, ”she said.

Huang said the Nyan Heroes resilience model is built on several factors, such as introducing a stacked currency to reduce asset volatility, betting on NFT bonuses, and a triple A gaming experience similar to Fortnite that “has historically attracted players who want to spend” money in the game:

“Our approach is to create the best game in which users actually play the game and add value to the system in order to balance the players in the ecosystem for value.”
“We maintain the stability of the game token so that the value of your items in the game does not decrease or burn out. We believe this is something that players need to keep in the game. You don’t want your items to be in the game and it costs $ 1,000 a day and $ 10 the next day. “

Source: CoinTelegraph