Cointelegraph Markets spoke with Wall Street veteran and Keizer report host Max Keyser, who explains Bitcoin’s increasingly important role in geopolitics in meeting potential “fragmentation wars” and why he believes Paul Tudor Jones will become the largest BTC owner in two years.

Your Twitter account for my 200,000+ maxkeiser subscribers has been silent for months. what happened?

Max Kaiser: There was a software bug that froze the account for nine months. I think this was a problem besides the database. My SwanBitcoin friends got a problem and solved it. I also sent twenty boxes of roses and chocolates to Twitter’s SF headquarters, but I’m not sure if this had any effect.

US government debt now exceeds $ 26 trillion. Is there a certain level the US can by default?

Max Kaiser: Debt is big. But interest in this debt is now greater than the number one budget line in America, military spending is $ 1.6 trillion. When interest rates on debt approach 100% of GDP, America will officially become a failed country. This seems to be the case for 5 years – as short-term interest rates rise to a historic level of 5%, rather than today’s 1/2%

After half, inflation in bitcoins is currently less than 2%, which is equivalent to the gold level or the federal inflation rate. Is it or does Bitcoin now die as a store of value?

Max Kaiser: Let’s be clear, Bitcoin demonstrates quantum mechanical properties associated with variable observational results. According to Heisenberg’s principle, the act of observing results is changed.

When it comes to Bitcoin, this is Bitcoin that follows us. That being said, with 300,000 blocks, I began to notice that Bitcoin had been shy. This has grown tremendously into a state of higher consciousness, and instead of asking if it’s time to demonstrate Bitcoin, we should ask ourselves what to do as types to demonstrate that we deserve Bitcoin. That’s why my Bitcoin fund is called Heisenberg Capital. On the other hand, it has surpassed all global funds from its inception in 2013 to the present.

Will tensions between the US and China and other geopolitical risks persist while putting pressure on risky assets that could affect Bitcoin?

Max Kaiser: China, America, Russia and Iran will enter into the retail war, trying to get as many bitcoins as possible. Iran is already mining bitcoins. I think they have 3% of the hash rate. This is yet another “satellite moment” in which America must decide whether to win the retail war or go to history’s garbage bin.

Do you agree that Paul Theodore Jones announces that his exposure to bitcoins is the main green light for traditional investors? Is this a tipping point? If not, what would it be?

Max Keyser: I think PTJ, which I followed closely when I was an exchange broker on Wall Street from 1983-1990, will be Bitcoin’s largest HODL in two years. He is an absolute mercenary if he sees what he loves.

“The Bitcoin community has never seen such PTJs and will be shocked at its bold conclusion.”

I recently said that when it comes to cash fraud with Bitcoin, basic consumer protection is appropriate. Can you use it?

Max Kaiser: Neither solid forks nor alternative coins will draw enough energy to survive. He wins every fight, and Bitcoin not only demands energy, but also starves with paper money and its energy patriotic nations.

Bitcoin is an indestructible Godzilla with an insatiable appetite for energy that transforms the world and all living things. Organizers should warn people about failed projects like BCH, but the most likely scenario is that both BCH and regulators are going bankrupt due to the removal of bitcoins.

I was also honest that Ethereum criticized Vitalik Buterin for his inability to understand Bitcoin’s value proposition. What’s wrong with bitcoins?

When I spoke to Vitalik in London, he was still working with Bitcoin magazine at the time, and he was only planning ETH. He did not understand how absolute deficit drives the BTC market. Still don’t understand it.

He repeatedly reduced rarity. That’s why I never thought he really understood how BTC works. It’s funny, because the problems ETH faces is that it is a central and variable alternative to the supply of fat, which has all the problems with paper money.

“Ironically, ETH is trying to be paper money and failure.”

So what do you think is not a fan of Ethereum 2.0 and the road map?

Max Kaiser: This is Rouba Goldberg’s machine anywhere.

You recently spoke with the author of Bitcoin and Black America Isaiah Jackson on your show. Why is this book so important and relevant now that social events are taking place in the United States?