A social cryptocurrency trading platform that connects professional traders with new investors, creating a win-win situation.

Learning cryptocurrencies can be a challenging learning curve, and mastering the art of trading is also challenging and time consuming, according to Tycoon.

The platform aims to improve access to this growth area through the use of API technology – which means that a business start-up now can connect with a more experienced professional and copy their actions in real time.

Tycoon claims that this approach can help newcomers speed up their educational journey, while making the process more rewarding than it possibly can be.

Taking social media to the next level
Over the years, social media has allowed us to connect with like-minded people who have the same interests as us. It is also used as a powerful educational tool to capture interesting facts and watch amazing videos while watching news feeds over your morning coffee.

Recently, bitcoin and cryptocurrency appeared in the stream of millions of people, which helped them understand their role in society and what could be in the future. Tycoon’s ambition is to enable anyone interested in cryptocurrencies to participate with expert help along the way – even if they do not have the time or patience to learn important trading skills.

Using the API means that a professional trader can allow other investors who like their work to keep track of their accounts. From there, the dealer’s features can be copied almost immediately.

Tycoon claims that it never handles anyone’s money directly, and cryptocurrencies for sellers and subscribers on central exchanges will be protected by strong passwords, two-factor authentication and a number of other security measures. The platform is already integrated with Binance.

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How does it work
To motivate professional traders to participate, Tycoon uses a model that ensures that they receive a portion of the winnings their followers receive. The social trading platform for cryptocurrencies also receives fees for connecting two parties.

Tycoon has created a new icon called TYC. The exchange rate is set at 140 million, which is the platform’s original cryptocurrency. Followers who use TYC have the opportunity to reduce the commission they pay for the income they receive.

The TYC Bulk Sale closes on March 31, and Serdar Bessi, CEO of Tycoon, says that the token is scheduled to be listed on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in April.

At the moment, professional traders have the opportunity to join Tycoon, connect to the API and generate their own performance statistics – calculations that subscribers can check when deciding which accounts they want to copy.

Later features will be rolled out gradually, and the Tycoon platform is set to become fully public by June. It has been under development for over three years and is already fully functional.

The tycoon launch comes as the bull market continues: PayPal launches the crypto service, public companies such as MicroStrategy and Tesla buy bitcoin, and large banks begin to offer cryptocurrency investments to their wealthy clients.

Over time, the platform hopes to help beginners gain a head start on the journey towards cryptocurrency trading and give them the opportunity to learn by doing. Trade books offer a great way to hone skills and understand technical terms, but seeing a professional in action is a powerful way to see the theory being practiced.