Most blockchain applications are still widely used in everyday life, despite the technology’s ability to provide increased security and privacy through encryption. For this reason, the use of technology is often discontinued due to the inability of ordinary users to see the benefits of blockchain more than what cryptocurrencies offer.

In all industries, information security is becoming an important factor as more and more applications allow people to exchange personal and financial information. Many users started asking the question “Is my data safe?” Blockchain has already shown that data can be exchanged securely in the financial world, but many users still cannot take advantage of these features in all aspects of data transfer.

One of the main reasons for this is the lack of an integrated blockchain ecosystem that could theoretically combine capabilities such as social media and cryptocurrency trading that would otherwise exist on separate platforms for different target groups. With a comprehensive ecosystem in place, a segmented market can become one and more users can participate in this growing industry.

The TrustKeys network seeks to address this issue with the CryptoNoCurrency SuperApp (no = not only), which can provide value, including storing and trading cryptocurrencies and other applications of real world blockchain technology. The team’s mission is to provide a complete cryptocurrency ecosystem, which currently consists of an untrusted wallet, cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain-style network with end-to-end encrypted messenger with a decentralized account model (DAM).

With DAM, the network can integrate the capabilities of widgets across the ecosystem, giving users complete control over their accounts.

Enter the world of programming
The DAM model is already standard in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, although it has not yet been implemented at an expanded scale that includes messaging and social media. Individuals or companies need a true or offline identity that maintains user control and varies depending on the situation to access the DAM.

Thus, users must control their private keys, since the blockchain generates user IDs, wallet addresses and associated public keys, and public keys are one-way accounts from the private key. They are used to identify a user account, search for other users on the TrustKey social network, or send and receive items in the ecosystem.

The female model is just one aspect of understanding the value of technology. As a point of entry into the world of cryptocurrencies, TrustKeys Super also allows users to “make it easy [and] to shop” as well as “securely share information on a blockchain-style social network”.

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Thus, the user account remains completely under his control. “They don’t trust any key factors,” the team member continues, so real users can be account holders and not a service provider as is the case today.

The beginning of a large ecosystem
As a community, the TrustKeys Network team has identified several products that will make up the first ecosystem.

Such a network is a social network that aims to remove the current constraints that plague the industry today. Nowadays, there are widespread concerns about the safety of conversations on the social network. The TrustKey social network helps members own their accounts and gain access to reliable information. The social network implementation also aims to help users easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies by interacting with their community.

TrustKeys is also committed to helping users store their cryptocurrency with a 24-digit private key. The wallet is also equipped with multi-chain support for most cryptocurrencies in use today. Future iterations include NFT integration as the team will suggest in the near future.

The third major release includes a dashboard that takes advantage of Decentralized Control Panels (DEX) and Centralized Control Panels (CEX) to create a secure and reliable experience for users.

However, to realize all the benefits of the Super app, the team is working closely with additional features including lending, loans, derivatives, the NFT (non-volatile token) marketplace, and the launch pad. By combining all of these uses, the team will be able to develop a global ecosystem for economic connectivity and digitization of blockchain-based assets.

Source: CoinTelegraph