The strong postures are attracted by the bittooin and select the altcoins under the then support level, indicates a few days of the cleaning action.

The BitakOin struggles struggle to stand more than the weekly. The sale of individual consumption increases that expenditure is eager and energetic-energy.

The participation of the participation should be feared that their ranks continue to bring the control of participation with the reserved reserve control. Ruitre’s growth can do US-Doller Indelto to Tokari Derlen, that is a quick arrival, there is already pressure on the Crossing Mood.

Daily crypcciding market performance. Source: Currency3
Criptokraizing market can start such a discussion that the rally can be a bull web in January. However, the valueal action indicates that the bottom of the education starts in Bitakoin and some Alcoins. The next Gotakhor can create a higher lowly higher effort.

What is the important support level of Bitakeoin and Altock? We can study the Charts of the top 10 kript documents.

Bitakoin 1 .

Tix down 1 .

The buyer has a successful 20-day assistance, or for the last two days of EMA ($ 23.440), but for the last two days.

BTC / USDT Daily Chart. Source: Trade Review.
The negative deviations are indicated by the negative deviation on the relative force. BTC / USDt has received the time of $

There should be a break below this level that the judge can be the decisive support area among 50 days $ 22.052) $

The option, if the value is not less than 20 days, it is said that the bulls buy the bull in the buls because they are higher than they are. The pause can start the straight structure from $ 25.250 more nearby.

Eth / USDT
One more.
Ten Ito.

Tix down 1 .
$ 1,5

On the first day of February, the 20-day EMA ($ 1,624), but the long tail for purchase the long tail lamp to buy. The bubbles were trying to build the welfare of the 1st of February and try to run more than 1.680 but bears.

Eth / USDT Daily Chart. Source: Trade Review.
The traffic is confirmed on February 1 24 of the traffic, and the value SMA has fallen ($ 1,565). It is important support for protection for bulls as if it were reduced, the Eth / USDt couple can be flooded at $ 1,461.

Contrry When the value was again 50 days, the Boopobolobolopborod was reveled when the forces have the power. The buyer then tries to shooting the more value of $ 1.680- $ 1,743 resistance.


Tix down 1 .
300 300 2.

$ 318 overhead resistance and SMA ($ 304) 50 days of exile of overhead resistance 24. Evening shows the bear.

BNB / USDT Daily Chart. Source: Trade Review.
Although the 20-day EMA ($ 310) is a sapat, the RSI strikes that the speed is on the side of the bears. BNB / USDt slipped on the $280 level. It is an important level that a break here below, it will make a CRUCID head head-and-sholers (H) pattern.

Source: CoinTelegraph