Satoshi Nakamoto, the world’s most wanted terrorist, was kidnapped and tortured by the National Security Agency. At least, this is an indie film coming from the UK called Decrypted.

Production of original encoded films
Film producer Phil Harris said in an interview with Cointelegraph:

“We filmed 70% of this movie before we had to close it because of the COVID-19 crisis. Thus, we managed to get 70% in the box. So we are editing.” I think as a film producer and a fan of cryptocurrency, I wanted to explore the mysterious region Growing in the industry as a whole. ”

The movie is not just a story about Satoshi Nakamoto. The film itself was also funded using cryptocurrency. Harris added that the first release of the movie will be through encrypted video platforms. He emphasized that many studies aim to make the Bitcoin related components appear reliable.

Satoshi’s interest in love
The film plot has many twists and turns. For example, without giving up on everything, Satoshi’s main characters are the mutant Sofia Sofia, who is also his partner.

Screenwriter, Mick Sands, is an enthusiast of coding. The threat that Bitcoin represents the American institution is a great point for him:

“Mick, our writer, is a little rebellious, has always been fascinated by the crypto world and really wanted to write a movie in which he participated in one way or another. Especially how the American security services see this as a serious threat to their hold in the global economy, and how desperately they try to break it up or modify it. ”

The development of cryptography in the film industry
Harris believes that the film industry itself is undergoing a mysterious revolution. He claims that young independent filmmakers face a limited distribution option due to the predominance of many global broadcasting platforms:

“We wanted this movie to become part of the cryptographic revolution in the movie industry. So we are releasing some codecs on demand platforms. I’m not sure if you know someone, LiveTree One, then you have Breaker, you have Movieschain, Cinezen, Cinema Well. ”

The director’s ultimate goal is to sell movie rights to a major platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Harris expects the film to be released by the end of 2020.