The PlayStation 5 is one of the most anticipated game console releases of the years.

Sony’s latest high-spec model couldn’t have arrived at a better time. In their highly anticipated November 2020 debut, players had high hopes for fun in the harsh winter … and avoided boredom during the isolation caused by the coronavirus that kept us trapped, unable to go to restaurants and away from our loved ones.

Unfortunately, many of us were disappointed by the lack of stock. Globally, the PS5 will be sold out immediately as soon as there is growth in stores – and Sony has acknowledged that the shortage of semiconductors has been detrimental to manufacturing processes. (The shortage of chips also influenced the proliferation of Bitcoin mining hardware.)

So far, frustrated gamers find it difficult to get hold of this console, for example, Amazon. Twitter trackers have been set up so people can know when the PS5 is back in stock, and opportunistic scammers have switched to those desperate to buy. In some second hand markets like eBay, buyers are also faced with very inflated prices.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. When it comes to PS5 stocks, one of the biggest secrets is how in a number of cryptocurrency-focused markets there are brand new shiny consoles ready to ship to you. How do we know this? Because we have it.

Buy PS5 with the encoder
One site that has a PS5 is Exeno, which specializes in empowering people to buy the best gadgets like iPhones, iPads, laptops, and e-scooters with digital assets. Prices are quoted in bitcoin, bitcoin storage, and ether – along with dollar amounts for comparison.

Plus, the process is incredibly similar to any other fiat money-focused ecommerce site you may have come across. Detailed information on the characteristics of each product is provided and users can leave comments.

After registering for an account with Exeno, individual wallets are automatically configured for each of the three supported cryptocurrencies, which means you can fund your account through your wallet or platform of your choice.

When using cryptocurrencies, some customers often fear that prices may suddenly change or become out of date. Exeno says it overcomes this through a partnership with Kanga.Exchange. A seamless interface is created that ensures that the payment is completed in less than a minute – during which time the price of the item is frozen to ensure the safety of consumers.

Of course, there is also the argument that buying with bitcoins might not be a good idea anyway. Several horror stories have emerged over the years, such as the sad story of Laszlo Hanek, the man who paid 10,000 BTC for two pizzas in 2010 (an estimated $ 580 million at the time of writing).

This is not a concern for Exeno CEO Tom Papiak, who told Cointelegraph, “Every currency fluctuates. In case bitcoin is being bought at a fake price, it is a great solution to pay for goods when the value rises. ”

Another argument might be that buying directly with cryptocurrency can be more efficient, especially if you only need to convert bitcoins to dollars in order to snatch the item anyway. Considering how taxable these transactions are, customers must go through the process of announcing the profits they have earned by keeping their cryptocurrencies, which adds additional costs to paying in cash.

Delivery arrival
Registering an account and making a purchase feels very familiar through the site’s interface – and if there is something, using cryptocurrencies is something new. A fixed commission of 1.8% is added to the purchase.

We have received a notification that our package is in transit, as well as an estimated delivery time and a link where we can track the shipment. Six days later, I envied many gamers in London who took apart a brand new PS5. The only thing that immediately surprised me was the size of the package (which was lovingly secured with Exeno’s branded tape). This console looked intimidating next to my Nintendo switch.

The PS5 was well-packaged, which is very important given the risks that can be associated with international shipments. Another nice touch from Exeno is the multi-lingual colored Thank You card.

Watching daily product prices quoted in crypto is definitely a surreal experience – a Samsung smartphone for 0.01899551 BTC is here and a printer for 0.535773 ETH is there. And it seems like it might become more natural in the future, especially given how all major platforms like PayPal, Visa and Mastercard have started using digital assets.