Crypto is more than frequent (and often misleading) tweets about Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE). And while the SEC chief / Mimi positions itself as a news cycle in itself, cryptocurrency news can affect large price movements in alternative currency markets, especially if you can interact with them first.

Rumors and news are the real tectonic forces behind the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market. Extensive research from the data group Cointelegraph Markets Pro shows that three types of advertising – listings, licenses and partnerships – have the most consistent impact on the prices of digital assets.

Here are five top news in these categories that have had a strong impact on cryptocurrency prices over the past 30 days, which were posted without Dogefather’s involvement.

Celo became a partner of Deutsche Telekom
When a global telecommunications giant joins the open source blockchain ecosystem, there is big news that could disrupt the market immediately.

When the company announces in the same announcement that it has bought a large share in the network’s original assets, the outlook for the coin is more optimistic.

The announcement on April 20 of a strategic partnership between Celo Network and Deutsche Telekom that defined both routes, of course, resulted in an impressive jump for CELO: a nearly 75% increase in value over the next 72 hours.

As shown in the chart below, the coin traded just over $ 4 when the news was delivered to Markets Pro members, before the price increase (circle and white line on the chart). More than $ 7 was invested in the next two days.

Binance Staking launches IOST gaming campaign
Ads from large platforms can also increase property prices exponentially, especially when played with generous annual returns. Suddenly, everyone needs a bag of tokens to make sure they win safely.

On April 13, in a temporary post from the iOS Foundation which showed that the Binance Staking offer was launched from APY to 27.49%, the IOST token increased almost 53% over the next three days.

Image source: IOS Foundation Middle Page
VeChain became a PWC partner
PricewaterhouseCoopers is one of the four largest accounting firms globally. It serves several companies in technology, finance and other related sectors that will benefit most from blockchain-based decision making.

The news about the VeChain company’s project to reach the PWC client base was naturally important, as evidenced by the growth of the VET token by 46.07% within 72 hours of publication on 13 April (red circle on the chart).

Image Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro
Bitfinex added margin trading for Dogecoin
In the sentiment-driven cryptocurrency market, Dogecoin is without a doubt the most emotionally driven asset. Trading DOGE means you are always up to date on news.

But Musk does not control the entire Dogecandle – in fact, real news also drives the DOGE market.

The latest Memecoin hype has provided ample evidence to support this idea. When Bitfinex announced new pairs for margin trading with DOGE on May 4, the price of the coin jumped almost 42%.

Image Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro
Bringing Shiba Inu to the Binance Innovation Zone
The dogecoin killer clearly benefited greatly from the hype surrounding the potential victim. As the wave of DOGE propaganda spread to SHIB – a coin often referred to as a Dogecoin wannabe – Binance executives decided it was time to list it.

As you can see in the price chart, timing was very important here: the SHIB price rose sharply within minutes after the news was published at 07.44 UTC on 10 May. The immediate jump in price pushed the currency from $ 0.000013 to $ 0.000037, indicating almost $ 200% increase in less than 24 hours.

Image: Source CoinMarketCap
Markets Pro NewsQuakes ™
Common to all these important events is that they were delivered in the form of Discord and browser alerts, or NewsQuakes ™, to members of the Cointelegraph Markets Pro community.

In a game where minutes can make a difference, Markets Pro tries to deliver important news as soon as it becomes available.

NewsQuakes ™ comes from a real-time aggregation engine, compiled every minute from over a thousand primary sources and analyzed by an artificial intelligence algorithm to determine the story’s significance of the news. NewsQuakes ™ are trained to display ads, exchange lists and large partnerships, and because it delivers without human intervention, it is often the fastest way for market participants to learn about the greater development of cryptocurrency.