F1 Delta Time publisher, Animoca Brands, announced a partnership with Ethereum’s solution development team, Polygon, on February 18.

Throughout the partnership, the entire symbolic motorsports REVV ecosystem will be distributed across the Polygon network, starting with the aforementioned F1 Delta Time.

This ensures that players are not held back by excessive spending on gasoline in the Ethereum blockchain. High gas costs can degrade blockchain-based games, as many in-game activities require you to complete a transaction.

Since many of these games provide an opportunity to play to earn money, this also limits (and in some cases can completely negate) the possibility of a comeback.

Polygon, previously known as Matic Network before being redesigned earlier this month, is a tier 2 solution for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development.

The naming change led to a strategic change to become a team aggregator and engagement medium.

The distinctive ecosystem of REVV Animoca currently consists of three motorsport games. Besides F1 Delta Time, the Tool Token will be used in Moto GP and Formula E games.

Last December, the non-exchangeable token, or NFT, which represents 5% of the F1 Delta Time’s world-famous Monaco Grand Prix Series, ordered more than 9 million REVV tokens at auction, valued at around $ 222,000.