Make Sense Labs, a decentralized app development company backed by venture capital Tim Draper, now allows users of its social messaging app to receive cryptocurrency rewards.

According to the Make Sense announcement, the tech company launched the cryptocurrency rewards feature on Monday on the Sense Chat app, which was first developed in 2018. The app is said to allow users to earn the company’s SENSE tokens by interacting with other users online by subscribing to Many channels. By inviting new users and creating threads.

Crystal Rose Pierce, CEO of Make Sense and wife of controversial cryptocurrency figure Brock Pierce, said the project was created to avoid collecting third-party data that often links to social media and well-known messengers like Facebook. It claims that app users will retain control over their data while maintaining privacy.

“We believe that a person’s data is exclusively theirs, and the value of that data should belong to them,” Pearce said. “With Sense Chat, members have more control over their experience, reward each other and manipulate content with SENSE tokens as voice.”

Even messaging apps designed to preserve users’ privacy have been widely breached. Last year, Telegram faced a data breach that resulted in some users’ personal data being exposed on the dark web. While messaging app Signal accepts crypto donations, Sense Chat may be one of the few privacy-focused apps that offer cryptocurrency rewards.

SENSE, based on the EOS blockchain, is valued at $ 0.005918 at time of publication, with a market value of over $ 10 million.