At CoinGeek this week, economist and former risk analyst Nouriel Roubini took aim at cryptocurrency student Naseem Taleb, while the ever-controversial Craig Wright boasted that the Bitcoin SV blockchain will perform billions of transactions per second.

Taleb, author of the bestselling economics book Black Swan and Leather in the Game, was a controversial addition to the CoinGeek conference in Zurich and was criticized on social media for legalizing Bitcoin SV.

Meanwhile, Roubini presented the “most successful” version of his crypto attacks known from pre-pandemic crypto conferences.

“No reliability, no regulation, no AML, no know your customer. [Crypto] is used by terrorists, money launderers, human traffickers, and tax evaders.”

Roubini argued that crypto tokens that supposedly include Bitcoin SV (BSV) are unnecessary and should be isolated from the decentralized data management value that blockchain technology provides.

“Data is very valuable, it is new oil,” he explained, lamenting that “99%” of fintech applications “have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies.” Roubini explained that what is required is “a reliable service that stores data and determines who owns it and who pays for it.”

Following a student of Roubini on the board, he agreed that computer programs backed by cryptocurrency should be treated as a separate phenomenon for crypto tokens issued by many blockchain projects. He shared his belief that those who need cryptocurrency and those who can use it are not being modified, adding:

“Who needs crypto? Well, criminals need cryptocurrency, but it doesn’t work with them.”
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The host attempted to get the board back on track and asked a student if he agreed that “BTC does not reflect what the Bitcoin document describes.”

In response, Talib acknowledged that he believed bitcoin in its current form was not like paper, but objected that “the currency in the paper ledger may not be the currency we are looking for.”

NChain principal investigator Craig Wright spoke with BSV and stated that it was “never created as currency, it is digital money,” the statement continued:

“We need a billion transactions in a few years, and then we will make a trillion transactions every second.”
As you’d expect, non-voting bitcoin makers hated watching shows, including BTC YouTube sessions that she said “jumped in the cart for just a second to get rejected.”

Wright’s lead critic, Arthur van Pelt, was also determined to throw stones and tweeted that the group received very few viewers, calling it a “clown show”.