Major Russian mobile operators such as MegaFon and Beeline are studying how the digital ruble works on their mobile devices.

According to a report published by the local news agency Izvestia on February 16, Beeline and MegaFon have proposed creating digital currency wallets on smartphones for the Central Bank of Russia.

Operators also offered additional services such as connecting a digital wallet to a customer’s phone number. A MegaFon spokesman said this would allow users to store the digital ruble directly on their smartphones, as well as transfer and pay in digital currency using smart devices.

As reported by Izvestia, both MegaFon and Beeline actively participated in discussions of the digital ruble with the Central Bank. Company representatives stated:

“We are interested in aspects of digital rubles, such as the maintenance of wallets on smart devices, which are not part of the current version of the concept, as well as the ability to perform P2P payment transactions without the involvement of financial intermediaries, including support for offline mode.”
Olga Skorubogatova, First Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Russia, announced at the end of 2020 that digital ruble numbers would be available through the Bank of Russia platform.

The Bank of Russia published its first advisory document on the development of the digital ruble in October 2020. The bank said that users will be able to access the digital ruble in their electronic wallets and mobile devices, both online and offline.