Roscosmos seeks to combat infringement of intellectual property rights in the space industry using blockchain technology.

Roscosmos has begun testing an IP security solution based on the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform, a hybrid blockchain platform developed by a local blockchain company of the same name. The blockchain-based tool, called IP Guard, detects IP breaches from Roscosmos and other industry organizations.

With this tool, Roscosmos can maintain and validate a database of intangible data objects, as well as coordinate the work of intellectual property experts such as lawyers, patent specialists and proofreaders.

“The most important blockchain feature is stability and data validation. Central registries cannot offer this property, ”said Igor Kosmichev, Commercial Manager at Waves Enterprise.

The solution also allows Roscosmos to offer non-cash rewards for detecting infringement of intellectual property rights through smart contracts. According to Kosmichev, as part of the platform’s rewards program, network members will receive “kosmotokens”, which can then be exchanged for the agency’s goods, as well as other space industry organizations.

The new tool is now in beta testing, and Roscosmos became the first organization to test the service. IP Guard is expected to be fully launched in the summer of 2021.

Waves has participated in several blockchain-related developments in Russia, including major government initiatives. Last year, the company provided its blockchain expertise to launch a blockchain platform in Russia’s parliamentary elections.

As a member of the Unified Register of Russian Computer and Database Software, Waves also introduced its technology to national network operators. Russia’s central bank, Alfa-Bank, also rolled out the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform to automate services aimed at freelancers by the end of 2020.