Sam Bankman-Fried was held in the infirmary, where he reportedly had access to running water, a toilet, a television and vegan food.

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, who was sent to the notorious Fox Hill prison in Nassau, Bahamas, awaiting an investigation into his stock market’s collapse, has had a different experience than many other prisoners.

According to Bloomberg, Bankman-Fried was being held in the infirmary, where he had access to a toilet, running water, a television, local newspapers, crossword puzzles and many other perks, including vegan food. Anonymous prison officials revealed the former CEO spent his days watching the news and reading articles about himself.

SBF’s prison experience seems very different from what many other prisoners endure in their overcrowded, poorly ventilated, rat-infested prison cells, where they are forced to sleep on the floor with makeshift cards. Unlike the other prisoners held at Fox Hill, the former CEO slept on a cot in the infirmary, which was occupied by only four other men.

A human rights report released by the US State Department in 2021 found that conditions at Fox Hill were “harsh” with prisoners suffering from overcrowding, poor nutrition and sanitation, and inadequate medical care. The report also alleged instances of physical abuse by correctional officers.

The report noted that “the high security cells for men were approximately 6 feet by 10 feet and could hold up to six people with no mattresses or toilets”. It also stated the following conditions:

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“The detainees removed the human excrement with buckets. Prisoners complained about the lack of beds and bedding. Some inmates have developed pressure sores from lying on the bare ground. Sanitation was a general problem and the cells were infested with rats, maggots and insects.

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On Dec. 22, Cointelegraph reported that SBF is preparing for extradition to the United States. A statement from Bahamian Attorney General Ryan Pinder confirmed that Bankman-Fried would be leaving the Bahamas for the United States on the night of December 22nd.

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Source: CoinTelegraph