The Solana blockchain has experienced a third incident in just a few months that clogs the network and causes transactions to fail, with users arguing whether it was caused by another Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack or just a network issue.

It is difficult to determine the extent and nature of the incident because Coinbase, Wu Blockchain and Redditors have reported an incident that slowed down the network and failed transactions. However, Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana Labs, denied the fact that DDoS attacks occurred in this regard.

The latest incident came less than a month after a previous attack, in which it was reported that the network was clogged with massive robots due to another original DEX offering on the Solana-based decentralized exchange platform Radium.

According to Wu Blockchain, Solana’s network went down for four hours early Tuesday morning UTC in what appears to be a DDoS attack. Solana.Status states that the network is fully operational with 100% uptime during this period.

On Tuesday, r / CryptoCurrency Group Reddit also posted several screenshots of Solana (SOL) users who reported problems with failed SOL transactions during potential DDoS attacks and network outages. Coinbase has also submitted an incident report in the last 24 hours regarding “performance degradation” of the Solana network, which led to the failed listing of SOL on the crypto exchange.

“This is why you do not use your service status page to draw conclusions, especially if it claims to be a decentralized blockchain, but it’s really just a glorified database,” Redditor wrote to u / Set1Less.

But other users who responded to r / CryptoCurrency’s posts on the r / Solana community questioned the truth of the allegations, with u / NiftyMufti saying:

“So instead of repeating random people’s opinions, why not show graphs? You can see DDoS attacks and downtime in browser blocking. I do not see such signs. Prove that I am wrong. At what hours and in what time zone should it happen? this? ”
Yakovenko repeated this on Twitter on Tuesday, noting that the network problems were not DDoS-related, but simply “the pain of the new uptime marketing.”

In a separate thread on Twitter, Yakovenko also stated that “the calculation cost model is still [a bit] unstable, and the real solution to this problem is in version 1.9, where senders must specify in advance all the resources they use.”

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In an interview with Cointelegraph on December 22, Austin Vader, communications manager at Solana Labs, said that developers are currently working on network issues, especially to improve transaction tracking.

«Solana’s driving time is a new design. It does not use an EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) and several innovations have been made to ensure that users receive the lowest fees, but there is still work to be done during the drive, he said.

Source: CoinTelegraph