In the burgeoning and indispensable area of ​​icons, a new expansion is about to begin with Sophia’s robot auctioning off its NFT digital artwork.

According to the announcement on Monday, the human social robot will host the NFT auction on March 23rd via the Nifty Gateway platform.

Sophia’s NFTs are said to be based on Andrea Bonacheto’s art from Gallery IV, a gallery in Los Angeles responsible for curating the collection.

As part of the auction on March 23, several artworks from the NFT collection will be shown on social networks in Sofia and Ponachito.

Commenting on the creative process behind Sophia’s interpretation of Bonasito’s art, David Hanson, creator of Sophia the Robot Cointelegraph said:

“We uploaded Andrea’s work to the neural network in Sofia along with many of Sophia’s latest paintings. Then she created a powerful series of new images, then reproduced them digitally and as brushstrokes she drew with her hands.”
According to Hanson, Sophia’s paintings began during an iterative process of developing artworks, developing a “unique personality” that also resonated with Bonachetu’s art.

Sophia’s attack on NFT also likely represents an expansion of robots’ understanding of cryptocurrencies. Back in 2019, a human figure stated that they were aware of cryptocurrencies, but did not use virtual currencies.

According to the announcement, Nifty Gateway’s upcoming NFT shrinkage is only the first in a series of digital art endeavors in Sofia. Hanson Robotics and SingularityNET – the decentralized artificial intelligence company – will work together to create Sophia Collective.

For Hanson, Sophia Collective is an important step in building a global community for open source collaboration in AI-driven digital art.

NFT continues to expand beyond the coding space, as artists and musicians come with injection. Earlier in March, Lyon Kings poisoned the album and made $ 1.45 million in its first five days.

It’s crazy that MoonCats, a long-time sleeper NFT group, have recently been ‘revived’. Meanwhile, the insanity has also attracted critics who point to the carbon footprint of the NFT engraving.