Malaysia-based BCMG Genesis Bitcoin Fund-I, or BGBF-I, is officially launched and announced as the first secure institutional crypto product available in the Southeast Asia region.

The announcement says the fund was launched in response to the growing demand for institutional cryptocurrencies in Southeast Asia. The fund uses a blockchain artificial intelligence (AI) blockchain platform provided by Calfin Global Crypto Exchang, which aims to provide more security for holding clients.

The BGBF-I is organized in Labuan, Malaysia, where the investment bank IBH acts as the principal advisor to the fund. The Hong Kong-based professional financial services providers Alpha Calibration will provide regulatory services and will be subject to HLB Hodgson’s audit.

The investment machine also offers underwriting and underwriting insurance for an IPO. Fund manager Subbu Wempati explained:

“BGBF-I is a safe, secure, and regulated platform through which investors can access the digital asset industry. Investors benefit from our expertise in the financial, technical and security aspects of investing in Bitcoin, and join this category with peace of mind, without the hassle or risk of directly interacting with digital assets.
According to the official website, BGBF-I expects a minimum return of 12% per annum, while BTC itself has received 266.5% in the past 12 months.

All accredited Asian investors must pass mandatory money laundering (AML) examinations and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to access the fund.

The Bitcoin Fund is one of several funds created recently to meet the growing institutional needs for Bitcoin and other digital assets. The first physical Bitcoin ETF in North America was approved in mid-February in Canada. Grayscales Bitcoin Trust also continues to grow, with the recent value of assets under management reaching $ 39.8 billion.