Game development giant Square Enix has teamed up with non-fungible token platform Enjin (ENJ) to launch a digital and physical suite that includes Final Fantasy VII, a hugely popular video game series.

In an announcement, Enjin said that to get the NFTs, fans must pre-order Final Fantasy VII’s 25th anniversary products at a Square Enix store. The products will include a collectible digital peer token, which can be redeemed on the Efinity Network for the NFT platform in 2023.

According to Enjin Witek Radomski, Chief Technology Officer, the partnership will have a good impact on digital assets and entertainment. The CTO noted that this is because Square Enix is ​​making its way into the industry, setting an example for other big game companies to follow.

In May, the gaming giant revealed its plans to issue tokens and make investments in the Web3 gaming space. The company highlighted that it will launch more NFTs featuring its games as part of its 2022 business strategy. The success of its initial project in NFTs prompted the company to pursue more initiatives in the blockchain space.

In 2020, the game development company led a Sandbox (SAND) investment round. With Square Enix and other investors, The Sandbox was able to raise $2 million in cash and digital assets.

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Earlier in July, Cointelegraph Markets Pro spoke with Radomski through an Ask-Me-Anything session. According to Enjin’s chief technology officer, once the bear market stabilizes, blockchain games will emerge, and more established developers will create fun games using the NFT tool that is not just a winning game.

Meanwhile, experts are clashing over where virtual reality (VR) is in the Metaverse. While many believe that Metaverse and VR naturally fit into each other, some believe that the two should be developed separately without any mutual considerations.

Source: CoinTelegraph