The Stacks ecosystem is a collection of independent organizations, developers, and community members working to create an Internet user of the Bitcoin blockchain (BTC). Stacks’ STX cryptocurrency has been distributed to the public through its inception – as appropriate logo offerings to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Mitchell Cuevas, CEO of Stacks Foundation, met with Cointelegraph Markets Pro users on December 2. During the meeting, he discussed blockchain stacks technology, future development and important issues. Developments.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro User: PoW blockchains are known to be extremely secure. Stacks PoX BTC Security or Other Security?

Mitchell Cuevas: Stacks agreement on PoW recovery to secure Bitcoin has already been reached. It does this through the Transfer Token, a mining system that provides innovations that capture the will, allowing the Proof of Chain function to expand and expand in new ways. As a result, all Stacks transactions are based on Bitcoin, allowing Stacks transactions to take advantage of Bitcoin security. For all Bitcoin blockchain, Stacks transactions are linked and fast on Bitcoin blockchain. In addition, Bitcoin has a history of stacking all the bricks.

CT Markets Pro User: With the boldness of the contract, how long can Stacks NFT, game features and metaverse events be integrated?

MC: This can even be done and is being done today. We see huge growth in the NFT, with the daily price of late sales reaching $ 7,700. Prices vary depending on the network service. Production costs typically range from $ 0.15 to $ 0.50. NFTs can be registered to Boom at Moonray Sport Metawars creates a fun open world sport in style. We have teams like Jolocom, working on a variety of identities that will be important in Metawares. Interestingly, the idea of ​​Metawares was the first step for the people who worked on Blockstack the next day, it was our corporate book and Neil Stevenson was at one of our meetings!

CT Markets Pro User: I know of other platforms that BTC has created to enhance its security, traffic and reputation (Lightning, RSK, Sovryn). So why do you think there are no other BTC related protocols?

MC: That’s the difficulty. It took time for the central engineers and the blockstack team to break the transfer certificate, which was a clear indication of the deal in an easy way. When you have the choice to work with a closed and volatile base like Bitcoin or something like that (or create your own chain), I think most people will end up with the last bucket. It’s a simple process and with the heat of the cryptocurrency, I can assume it’s quick to make money, so have an idea.

CT Markets Pro User: Problems with stock. Is this correct?

MC: Above all – the big bottle that appeared created the popularity of some NFTs and the Stacks-blockchain-API. Since then, the design has changed slightly, so most read-only API nodes can be updated as we have seen before, in cases of overcrowding. The API write node is still 1: 1 to the Stacks node, which operates in the following mode, making it more difficult to load, as any other blockchain node may be slightly ahead / behind any other node at any time. Again, the chain upgrade is expected to take place around December 8th, which will increase the volume by 2-10 times. There are some attractive future scale and speed solutions currently under consideration, which should give manufacturers a number of different choices during construction.

CT Markets Pro User: Can you define microblocks? Is it a big deal to let stocks count?

MC: This is a good question and we’ve seen confusion about it recently. Therefore, it is important to note that microblock is not the answer to scale. Let the stamps sell fast. Simply put, Microblock is designed to set delays, allowing trades in the stakes chain to stabilize in seconds before developing into Bitcoin.

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Source: CoinTelegraph