Ethereum Layer-2 scalable platform StarkNet has redesigned the Cairo programming language to make it easier for new developers to onboard.
Ethereum Layer-2 scaling platform StarkNet has updated Cairo’s internal coding language to facilitate Web3 development.

The information shared by Cointelegraph describes updates to Cairo 1.0, which are similar to the features of the popular Rust programming language. The tutorial is for developers with general coding experience to start building decentralized applications on StarkNet’s Ethereum Layer-2 network.

Eli Ben-Sasson, co-founder and president of Starkware, told Cointelegraph that making Layer-2 development more accessible to different stakeholders was the main reason for Cairo’s restructuring:

“The main motivators were security and ease of use, and the completion of the study provided a significant opportunity to eliminate access to traditional language developers.”
The technical specifications in Cairo, launched on January 5, include many improvements such as improved syntax and language structure, unified type handling, intuitive libraries, optimized code and dynamic typing of data type definitions. They want it

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Starknett chose Sierra—for that safe middle ground—as the most important addition to Cairo’s redevelopment. Sierra acts as a new intermediate layer between Cairo 1.0 and Cairo bytecode.

As Ben-Sasson explained, Sierra is an important part of providing a secure network. Transactions returned by the update will be included in StarkNet blockchains, which will avoid introducing complex “cryptoeconomic mechanisms” into the protocol.

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According to Ben-Sasson, Sierra will allow Starknet to “compensate for Ethereum’s full censorship resistance” and specifically protect against denial-of-service attacks.

As previously reported by Cointelegraph, Ben-Sasson and other computer scientists launched zk-STARK cryptography. Zero-Knowledge is a rationally scalable proof-of-concept system that encrypts and authenticates transaction data to provide security, scalability, and robustness against quantum computers.

According to StarkNet, Cairo is the fourth most popular smart contract language in terms of total lock value. This is the basis of their application, which has processed more than 300 million transactions, sealed 90 million non-extending tokens and facilitated $790 million in Ethereum-based transactions.

Source: CoinTelegraph

Source: CoinTelegraph

Source: CoinTelegraph