A physical exhibition hall for non-fungal icons is planned to open in Riga, Latvia, with NFT street art from around the world. Gallery opening – Kiwie 1001, an NFT project created by the self-proclaimed Latvian street art group.

Applications are open to anyone who wants to participate, and work can be submitted through the project’s Discord channel. The winners will be chosen by the Kiwie 1001 community and will be exhibited at an exhibition in Riga that opens in June.

Street art and NFT can seem like a strange combination, especially considering the reluctance of street artists to get involved in the commercial side of the art industry. However, showing them as NFT solves one problem that comes with the adoption of street art, namely how can you show it to someone without destroying the wall it is sprayed on?

Chasing blocks like NFTs on the blockchain can seem like a lot of work when photos are enough, but Kiwie 1001 chief strategist Kristaps Vaivods said placing tokens in a physical location would also help spread awareness about NFTs so that artists could be seen.

“Although NFTs are fast becoming mainstream, there is still a lot of work to be done to inform the public about the benefits and applications,” said Wayfoods.

“We launched the NFT Gallery to help other artists gain awareness and spread awareness of this new artistic revolution. NFTs open up many opportunities for creative ways to define ownership where it was impractical, and allow young artists to live without meeting the needs of the best collectors, ”added Vivfoods.