The widespread adoption of non-fungal symbols does not seem to be slowing down at any time, as the world’s first art gallery dedicated exclusively to NFT-supported art opens in New York.

Superchief Group, an art group that operates galleries in New York and Los Angeles, has announced the launch of its new gallery in the Union Square area. The gallery will contain NFT in collaboration with Blackdove, a producer of high-resolution digital art exhibitions.

The first exhibition entitled “Season One Starter Pack” (possibly related to the intersection of digital art with video games and culture) spans a large network of over 300 artists. Each of the artists will auction one of their exhibited works, as well as 72 printed copies. The fair accepts cryptocurrencies as well as payment by credit card.

The gallery joins many “first” dubious claims from many galleries and museums around the world who want to showcase NFT-based work – doubtful because cryptocurrencies were exhibited in galleries back in 2017 and pioneers such as Kevin Ebosch demonstrated blockchain. art founded long before NFT was understood.

The Russian Hermitage will host an NFT exhibition featuring works by artists such as Abosch, and on Friday a museum in Beijing opened what he says was the first “large” NFT exhibition.

Similarly, critic, collector and artist Kenny Schacker is planning a physical and hypothetical double exposure at the German Nagel Draxler exhibition on April 9, possibly the first in the world to be held simultaneously in Metaverse at the Crypto Art Museum and at the museum. . modern digital art.

The growing business activity follows a series of legendary NFT news headlines in recent months. Once considered a technology niche, NFTs are now seen everywhere – even in the evening news. Similarly, regular media publications that have traditionally ignored blockchain now cover NFT, in part because of the ridiculous amount of money flowing into space. The legendary auction house Christies sold digital artist Beeple’s artwork for more than $ 69 million this month.