Stock exchanges are expanding around the world, but some are choosing to do business in Asia more than anywhere else.

Exchanges have long been more than just marketplaces: they are used for fundraising, marketing promotions, brand promotion, and more. Cointelegraph spoke to Catherine Deng, Vice President of MEXC and Founder of MEXC Pioneer, about the true role of crypto exchanges in the current crypto market and what else they can do.

When and how was MEXC introduced?
MEXC Global was founded in 2018. Each member of our founding team has world-class technology or investment experience. We chose Asia because it is a promising market and we appreciate its potential.

Reports show that Ethereum (ETH) has the largest share of crypto activity in India, Pakistan and Vietnam. In the past year alone, crypto activity in Asia has increased by over 700% thanks to the DeFi boom. We see tremendous potential in the Asian markets and believe that cryptocurrency trading will grow strongly in the coming years.

What distinguishes MEXC from other exchanges?
As the leading trading platform for digital assets and cryptocurrencies, MEXC Global provides excellent services to users and excels for four reasons.

First, we have strict risk controls and security protocols in place to protect our users’ assets. Second, our high-performance trading system is capable of processing 1.4 million trades per second. Thirdly, we have over 7 million users worldwide providing high capital efficiency for trading and liquidity.

In addition, MEXC Global offers a full range of trading services and content support in 10+ languages ​​including English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian and more, as well as exclusive instant services for VIP clients.

Share your experiences working in Asia. How is it different from other jurisdictions?
As a new form of financing, cryptocurrency transactions are available to users worldwide, regardless of where the operating company is located. We have noticed that some developing countries have a high volume of trade, especially in the Asian region. In fact, the markets of Central and South Asia and Oceania have become the fifth largest in the world.

The recent GameFi boom in Asia reflects the high user potential here compared to other regions. As the stock exchange has its origins in Asia, we are well acquainted with local investors, take advantage of this and constantly improve our services.

According to your website, you “supported over 100 new projects”. How do you help startups and why?
MEXC Global is known for its innovation. Constant partnership with new and promising projects distinguishes MEXC and helps us to earn a good reputation in the ever-changing cryptosphere.

We strive to bridge the gap between project development teams and markets. From funding to marketing support, we help outstanding crypto and blockchain startups achieve their business goals and thrive. We also believe that our support will contribute to the proper development of projects and therefore to the growth of MEXC.

How do I become a member of the MEXC Pioneer program and what can I expect from it? How do you rate projects?
People with great business ideas can contact us and submit an application with a basic presentation of their ideas. As a major supporter of decentralized projects, MEXC Pioneer is ready to go even further by discovering ideas, investing, building communities, co-sponsoring and funding industry ideas that will advance the application of crypto and blockchain.

We evaluate projects from all possible perspectives including but not limited to business model, technology architecture, team collaboration, community engagement and so on.

Tell us about your partnership with the Avalanche ecosystem.
We believe that by partnering with this fast, low-cost, and green platform, both teams can be better positioned to support future industry-leading blockchain and web 3.0 projects.

From the MEXC side, our number one goal is to provide our users with a premium experience. The Avalanche ecosystem can provide our users with useful information that will help them make better decisions. MEXC users can also connect to the Avalanche network, which offers some of the fastest transactions in the blockchain industry and extremely low fees.

In return, the Avalanche project will receive environmental funding and technical support from MEXC. Our team is also committed to Avalan

Source: CoinTelegraph