Public blockchain network Terra has confirmed the ongoing fraudulent attack with an official administrative poll on the Mirror, an internal protocol for synthetic assets.

According to the Mirror, the attacker conducted a public opinion poll on the official Mirror website and offered to freeze the community in case of fraud.

According to Survey ID: 211, titled “Freeze Community Pool in Case of Fraud,” the scammer is proposing to update more secure community governance rules in the event of a breach. If the hacker manages to get a positive majority in the poll, 25 million MIR tokens (worth $ 64.2 million at the time of writing) will be sent to the hacker’s address.

Voting results in poll # 211. Source: Mirror Protocol.
As you can see from the screenshot above, the Mirror’s proactive approach to warning the community has significantly increased the number of negative votes, which confirms the safety of the boxes. According to WuBlockchain, the attacker initiated Proposition 185 disguised as a collaboration request with Solana and effectively attempted to defraud 25 million MIR tokens from the community fund.

The attacker poll will be available for voting until January 1. But the Mirror team launched Poll 212 to warn negligent investors:

“Poll # 211 sends 25 million WORLD to itself. Vote against any poll that sends money from the community. ”
The Mirror also found six other polls – with IDs 185, 198, 204, 206, 207, and 208 – that were trying to massively devastate the community and flood the WORLD:

“Poll 208 is the second attack on mDOT and was created by the same thief who started this wave of community theft with his fake poll 177.”
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Public blockchain platform Solana has stepped up its networking initiatives following a recent distributed denial of service attack.

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As reported by Cointelegraph, the fifth largest blockchain managed to withstand the attack without shutting down the network. However, citing concerns about network weakness, Solana increased her online activity.

Source: CoinTelegraph