Not all NFT platforms are recently wealthy cryptocurrency investors showing off their wealth, as one project shows.

With increasing calls from artists and activists to reduce the carbon footprint of NFT, a single stand-alone green blockchain platform that is showing interest, Tezos has seen an increase in activity and is currently hosting a fundraising event for World Art Day. Creative Commons open source licensing organization.

Hic et Nunc, or H = N, announced the event in a short press release from TQ Tezos, Tezos Ecosystem Development Fund, which is not formally affiliated with H = N. The fundraising campaign focuses on the theme “#NFTsforall” and includes the work “Over 200 artists from above 40 countries, according to artist and collector Jkwong.Each artist will make a piece of 25 to 50 pieces, each costing $ 1 XTZ.The art will be on sale from today until April 30. Jkwong added that Creative Commons was a natural choice as recipient:

“Many of us in the HEN community use creative assets. It is a non-profit organization that uses technology to protect and respect the rights of creators, which we believe is exactly what we believe blockchain and NFT are really capable of doing. There were ideas on how to use the NFT for the general public, and we thought, why not be the first to test it as a new paradigm while supporting organizations that advocate for copyright?
The H = N platform is an unusual platform. The website is noticeably filled with the usual notices for self-marketing, but a resource that sheds light on the platform is an article by the artist M. Plummer-Fernandez who explains H = N and the broader opportunities that NFT can give artists, entitled “Not another one JPEG “.

In the article, he describes the surreal experience of selling dozens of his works on a platform that earns him more than his monthly teacher salary, and how a “global community” of artists comes together and supports each other. It claims to be a platform that combines the cost-effective features that working artists need with the environmentally friendly features they care about:

“For creators with a limited budget and reluctance to have their experimental work with financial risk, participation in the low NFT market is very attractive. Therefore, it is not surprising that H = N does not come from the technical establishment or from the cryptomillionaires, but from the technologist. “A crypto bank in Brazil called Rafael Lima, and the Brazilian CriptoArte scene is growing.”
However, apart from the fact that H = N is not established, cryptomillionaires may not move to the platform at any time. From a philanthropic point of view, the app can be described as a “user paradox” that boasts more than just endless scrolling of images and offers minimal UI / UX recommendations (Plummer-Fernandez jokes in the article “Oh, how vague”). Standalone viewing tool offers an alternative, if not one that is gentle on the eyes.

While these features (or lack thereof) stand out from the many cool Ethereum-based marketplaces that serve the cryptocurrency elite, H = N can claim obvious success in attracting a more diverse group of artists and buyers. Plummer-Fernandez refers to the “DiverseNFTArt” initiative, pioneering by artists Amelie Maya and Tess Cochino, which aims to “support and strengthen the voice of female artists, BIPOC and LGBTQIA +”, as well as new profitable income entries and exchanges of offers artist work in the global south …

To date, the platform has generated 640,556 XTZ sales and commissions, representing a market value of $ 5 million, according to TQs Communications Director Tezos Reid Yager. He also attracted the support of Buck, the mysterious and hugely popular NFT artist, as well as Joanie Lamersier, a French artist whose blog about NFT-supported energy consumption in art may have unleashed a climate hysteria that went beyond the NFT when they pushed them into mainstream consciousness. . … … …

Eventually the beef market will disappear and the money flowing around it will run out. Currently, there may be cheaper, stronger and more diverse societies left, for example H = N.