Major Cineplex Group, Thailand’s largest cinema operator, has reportedly allowed some of its customers to buy tickets in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).

Major Cineplex has announced the launch of its cryptocurrency payment pilot project to support innovation and new technology, local news agency Siam Rath reported on Thursday.

To unlock the new payment method, the company has entered into a partnership with local cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex and started RapidZ digital payments.

Major Cineplex launched the new feature for the first time at Major Cineplex Ratchayothin in Bangkok on March 4, allowing customers to purchase Bitcoin tickets through RapidZ by scanning a QR code. Major Cineplex plans to expand its beta with 39 other cinemas across Bangkok by the end of 2021.

The news seems to be the first time in history that Thai cinema accepts cryptocurrency as a method of payment.

Narut Jiangsanong, spokesman for Major Cineplex, said the new initiative aims to attract more customers investing in cryptocurrencies. He said that there are now an estimated 1 million bitcoin holders in Thailand, which is 2% of the country’s total adult population.

In mid-February, the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission proposed adopting special requirements for people wishing to invest in cryptocurrencies, and they are said to be planning to require investors to have an annual income of at least $ 33,250. After that, it appears that the authorities have abandoned some of the proposed requirements and said that his original proposal was aimed at measuring investor sentiment.