Cointelegraph’s YouTube channel has experienced some crazy moments in 2020: from the impact of the YouTube ban, you have experienced the most amazing personality of cryptocurrency firsthand. This is our most exciting and exciting time of the year – we hope you like them more than we do!

Serar half of the live YouTube strike ceremony
2020 is a preliminary year for many: the first year of the new decade, an unprecedented global boom, and the first Cointelegraph strike on YouTube. To be honest, I am still confused by this. The strike took place during the 7-hour real-time closing ceremony of the Cointelegraph tourism event on May 11, which celebrates the third half of Bitcoin. Industry experts, top investors and celebrities from all sectors of the cryptocurrency attended the conference. Some noteworthy moments:

Rachel Wolfson’s feer
Bobby Lee claims to have a computer (and a calculator!)
Meltem Demirors, Matthew Roszack and Stephen Chase went through half of the live broadcasts
Dylan Love, former head of Cointelegraph news, plays ukulele
Until the last group of the day, everything was going as smoothly as expected: crypto shareholders. Members of this group include a number of well-known brands, including Altcoin Daily, Bad Crypto Podcast, Altcoin Buzz, Naomi Brockwell, Bitboy Crypto, Layah Heilpurn, and especially Chico Crypto.

After being mistaken, the board immediately fell into chaos. In the middle of a guest introduction, Crypto Chico started yelling at other guests, calling them Shills, and throwing F-type bombs. When he had finished the long talk, he disappeared from the board and had never heard of it again — at least not on any of our channels.

The team was back to their best, but 20 minutes later, YouTube abruptly and permanently deleted the live Cointelegraph program and YouTube channels for the first time. According to the warning, the live stream has been deleted due to violations of the YouTube Guidelines. Private abuse involves the creation of “harmful or dangerous things.” Cointelegraph’s appeal of the strike was rejected and no further information was available explaining the exact reason for the strike. Considering Crypto Chico’s rhetoric and proximity to the strike, his actions may have played a key role in YouTube’s decision-making. But it is impossible to know for sure.

Watch the live summary here:

Klinger and Craig Wright
A year without many shocking things is not complete … Unfortunately, the Cointelegraph is no exception.

Cointelegraph’s Youtube channel got off to a good start in the department, with Satoshi Nakamoto posting a video interview with job seeker Craig Wright. The video received more than a thousand comments, and many of them pointed to a bad interaction between the guest (me) and Craig Wright. One of the most popular comments on the video comes from YouTuber called River:

This interview was embarrassing. That is not satisfactory. Guest hosts, we felt very strongly during the recording process going. However, the cause of shame is not what most people think. I do not underestimate Craig Wright. Although he claims to be brave, I have no animosity towards him.

In fact, the interview was conducted using a popular technique called mirroring. To get more information and details from him, I often pause when he responds or repeats the topic of his last conversation. The result was that the interview looked scary and even hostile, but it was very effective in exposing Wright’s personal characteristics and revealing some of his bold claims.

You can find the full interview here.

John McAfee’s AK-47 stands for our former head of news
John McAfee is famous for his hobbies and out-of-life personalities. Secretly, this well-known American scientist is known for his many presidential candidates, ugly price predictions, and betting (now nicknamed “D * ckening”) If Bitcoin doesn’t reach $ 500,000, he can eat it. your penis live TV until the end of 2020. Although he now lives in a Spanish prison, he can still manage to continue on Twitter and has now been transferred to the United States to