Electrical service provider Ameren Corporation announced Monday that it has extracted more than 20 bitcoins (BTC) using surplus energy from a coal-fired power plant – Sioux Energy Center in West Alton, Missouri.

Although the company opened a data center for coin mining in April, it did not announce the supplement publicly until Monday. The half-megawatt mining facility uses the Sioux Energy Center’s 972-megawatt production capacity to complete the mining operations required to confirm the work.

It seems that Ameren’s goal of starting production was to stem the decline in power plant production and give the company a new revenue stream. When mining began in April, the power plant reportedly ran at only 17% of full capacity.

Following the announcement, the company’s environmental impact was quickly questioned. In February, a coalition of three environmental groups – the Waterkeeper Alliance, the Missouri Confluence Waterkeeper and the Great Rivers Environmental Law Center – announced that they intended to sue the company for violating federal clean water laws.

“They (the two princes) have responded and we are considering our options,” said Bruce Morris, a lawyer at the Great Rivers Environmental Law Center.

The Sioux power plant, located on farmland on the banks of the Mississippi River, reportedly stores more than 3 million tons of coal ash in an unlined storage pit. Environmental groups have previously urged the management of Sioux Energy Park to remove the storage pit for coal ash, but this seems to have had limited benefit.

Energy Integrity Project’s energy pollution site Ashtracker also reported that of the 29 water monitoring wells around the plant, 15 contaminated wells exceed federal guidelines for molybdenum, boron, sulfate, lithium and cobalt.

Although the plant completed a $ 600 million plan to modernize the plant in 2010 with the latest environmental controls, Amerens’ mining operations appear to run counter to most industry perceptions about how companies in this area should eliminate their impact on the environment. … Everyone from Elon Musk to the platform for trading cryptocurrency derivatives BitMEX has promised to do its part to make mining less resource-intensive and energy-intensive. The use of carbon-neutral energy sources is integrated to improve sustainable practices and reduce the industry’s environmental impact, according to Sam Tabbar, chief strategist at bitcoin miner BitDigital.

Source: CoinTelegraph