Given the unique interest in the crypto industry at the moment, many new projects are choosing to move to blockchain and are trying to attract a new audience.

Meanwhile, social media platforms have been one of the best advances in the past two years, with some influencers making millions of dollars.

One project brings together the best of both worlds and launched an app that allows users to share videos of their favorite blockchain and crypto projects.

BULLZ, the first video sharing app, has released its beta for both iOS and Android, and the leading creators are already working on this platform.

The project called “BULLZ” focuses exactly on what the name suggests – the blockchain community of “newbies”. The platform also plans to introduce a new revenue model to increase profits for the finance of cryptocurrency producers.

Users can find and discuss popular projects with other crypto enthusiasts and experts and get rewarded for sharing their videos about projects and companies they like. With this model, users are rewarded for their video recommendations with the WOM token available in the app.

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BULLZ is built on the WOM Pte protocol. Ltd. – a social trading solution that allows brands to take advantage of word of mouth recommendations. The program has integrated the WOM protocol as an economic incentive system that allows users to monetize activities. Rewards are only available for peer reviewed, validated, and creative recommendations.


Melanie Moore, Founder and CEO of BULLZ, explains: “We continually look at giveaways or promotions in the blockchain community as a way to spread the word about marketing projects for further adoption. We believe BULLZ is the perfect opportunity for these projects to benefit from the real world. word of mouth is the most valuable form of marketing – so your communities can be rewarded for spreading the word about it. ”

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The next step is to add features such as a dashboard for popular projects discussed on the platform to better understand the metrics and interests of the community; Shares.


Brands and companies will also have access to custom authenticated content created on BULLZ through the recently launched WOM Campaign Manager. This option allows brands to view user recommendations for their projects, buy WOM tokens to improve selected content, get more in-app information, use content for marketing, or transform sales across their ecosystem.

Source: CoinTelegraph