Bitcoin appeared in 2009. More than ten years later, we are now witnessing an enormous development that has led to the establishment of an industry full of blockchains, assets and other solutions. Some knew about Bitcoin (BTC) from the beginning, while others have since boarded the train in varying numbers. If we look at the Twitter history, we find several tweets that were far ahead of their time.

In 2010, a Twitter user saw the potential of Bitcoin, but expressed doubts about the future. They did not know how popular the term Bitcoin would be, as it was the subject of many news interviews and highlights.

Another person on Twitter thought they were behind the game in 2010! The tweet is dated December 1, 2010. According to TradingViews BraveNewCoin BTC Liquid Index, the daily bitcoin price candlestick for that day topped around $ 0.23 per bitcoin. As a reference, Bitcoin hit over $ 60,000 per coin in April 2021.

Another Twitter user collected Christmas presents in 2011 in exchange for digital assets. If they had held on to bitcoin until 2021, their decision would probably have yielded a significant percentage gain based on price movements since then.

Finally, for this collection of stories, there is a 2009 Twitter post from the late Hal Finney, who has been involved in Bitcoin since the beginning. This old tweet appeared on January 21, 2009, shortly after the launch of the Bitcoin Genesis block on January 3, 2009. Since then, there have been some assets like Monero (XMR) that promote more privacy.