It has been 13 years since the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain, which marked the beginning of the chain, was created. To celebrate this event, it looks like the third largest Bitcoin whale is back after the New Year and has just made its first major purchase in 2022.

On January 4, the third largest Bitcoin address added 456 BTC with an average price of $ 46,363, which is equivalent to about $ 21 million, according to Bitinfocharts. com.

At the time of writing, the whale has 120,845.57 BTC worth over $ 5.6 billion. The identity of the holder remains a mystery, but the unit seems to take full advantage of today’s price volatility. Bitcoin is down 1.7% in the last 24 hours and 8.9% in the last week, and is currently trading around $ 46,603.

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Meanwhile, the bearish factors that affected the cryptocurrency market continued in late 2021 through the first week of 2022 after the bitcoin price fell below $ 47,000 on January 1, and it continues to face strong headwinds in shorter time frames.

Despite the short-term difficulties that Bitcoin is facing, many investors are still enthusiastic. An analyst and Twitter user aka GalaxyBTC recently shared this chart showing a possible hack in the first quarter of 2021.

Source: CoinTelegraph