The immersive blockchain game in which players compete to collect Immortal Shards has announced that they can be earned in the game, giving loyal players recognition for their skills and combat values.

HodlGod’s new feature means that a set of non-mushroom tokens and tickets will fall randomly in the middle of the game and appear over the character’s head. However, collecting NFT is not enough … you have to live to the end of the game for it to be yours.

This approach is designed to make HodlGod play more competitively than it used to be – not least because other players can also see where NFT has landed and who owns it. It really takes courage, skill and determination to be the last player to stand.

According to Onessus, the developers of this game, each lobby has a 30% chance of dropping a silver key, known as an NFT lottery ticket. In this case, the probability of the appearance of a gold bar is 10%.

Another innovation based on the WAX ​​blockchain is the NFT-Fi ecosystem, a place where players can rent out tokens that players collect, burn, upgrade and renew. All of this can open up for higher levels and rarer NFTs, giving players an extremely important advantage over competitors.

Continuous improvement
HodlGod says that additions are constantly being opened to keep players busy – with a new map debuting in the game. The title is described as the first blockchain 3D RPG powered by Unreal Engine.

A new immortal gear set is coming soon, consisting of four fragments – including a shield, a bow, a handgun and a hand close weapon.

It all starts with turning the four parts into useful contact and completing a set of tasks inside. Once all the tests are completed, the immortal group remains in their hands. These groups become less common as more players join the platform.

The developers of the game told the Cointelegraph: “Unrealistic game on the engine. At a very real price. Blockchain gaming is still one of the most underrated cryptocurrencies, with no gaming coins reaching the top 50. … “For this room with HodlGod

More information from HODLGOD here

Level up
HodlGod says it has created many partnerships in this thriving space – in collaboration with the likes of Blockchain Heroes, Dark Country, Yield Guild Games, Gala Games, Bounty Blok, AtomicHub and Uplift World.

The driving force for the development of the blockchain-based gaming sector was the belief that players should have a large share of the experience, and most importantly, the gaming resources they encounter during their travels should be theirs. This paves the way for sales in secondary markets that can be profitable for players with the desired assets.

The development of lucrative gaming was complemented by the introduction of a live streaming format – encouraging YouTube and Twitch characters of at least 500 subscribers to immerse themselves in the game in front of fans.

Looking to the future, HodlGod plans to succeed in bridging the gap between DeFi and NFT – and is in talks with major game publishing platforms to popularize its groundbreaking concepts. HodlGod is now available for enthusiasts to start playing. The game will receive new features on a regular basis, including new content and maps, and an integrated flagship release will be ready by the end of 2021.