Time magazine continues to maintain its relationship with cryptocurrencies, naming Digital Currency Group and Coinbase in the magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies for 2021.

The Top 100, published April 27, have highlighted the impact of the two crypto giants over the past 12 months. The list consisted of four different categories – pioneers, leaders, innovators, and innovators.

Digital Currency Group is ranked as Disrupter along with other big names like Tesla, Huawei, Shopify, and Clubhouse. Time noted that DCG is “demystifying crypto for investors” through its subsidiaries, Grayscale Asset Management System, and cryptocurrency news site CoinDesk. Today, Grayscale has total assets of $ 45.5 billion, or AUM:

“ In January 2020, Grayscales Bitcoin Trust became the first fully currency-backed digital financial product to report to the SEC – opening the Trust (and thus the blockchain) to more potential investors.
Although Grayscale has posted phenomenal results over the past year, the parent company’s listing could also be affected by its recent partnership with Time. Publishing and Grayscale join forces to release a series of crypto-based training videos, with Time also agreeing to receive Grayscale’s Bitcoin payments and preserve BTC balances.

Coinbase is listed on Titan alongside the usual giants Facebook, Alibaba, Google, Walmart and Amazon. The exchange was described as “protecting the confidence of cryptocurrencies” in connection with the direct listing on Nasdaq on April 14th. The stock exchange achieved more revenues in the first quarter of this year than in the whole of 2020, as it reported that it was in dollars 1.8 billion dollars in the first quarter, up from about 1.2 billion dollars. For the past year:

“It has been a big year for cryptocurrencies, but nothing has been confirmed like a direct listing on April 14 by Coinbase, which operates an exchange where 56 million users buy and sell bitcoins and more. Coinbase ended its first trading day at nearly $ 86 billion. This makes it the most valuable US financial exchange and gives cryptocurrencies a boost to lend to Wall Street. ”
Adding Coinbase and Digital Currency Group is another step towards regular cryptocurrency adoption. Not long ago, it was hard to imagine the duo growing up with the top 100 reputed organizations like Disney, BP, Paypal, Adidas, Spotify and AirBnB.

The time was first published in March 1923, and the magazine and online publication continued to gradually open up to the world of cryptocurrencies. In March, he sold his first set of covers for iconic magazines such as NFT, with the best-selling NFT raising nearly $ 250K.

Last week, it announced a partnership with Crypto.com to accept one-time crypto payments for its 18-month digital subscription, providing a 10% refund to readers who paid in Cypto.com’s CRO coin.