Existing Seychelles exchanges lead the world in cross-border Bitcoin (BTC) transactions in 2019. What is Switzerland in the world of watchmaking, Seychelles is the world of digital exchanges.

A small island nation with a population of less than 100,000 provides an ideal place for companies looking for a place to improve their tax obligations with small-scale regulators.

United states number two
The Crystal Blockchain report examined bitcoin flows between exchanges around the world. Seychelles managed exchanges by the amount of money sent and received.

It should be noted that the Binance (BNB) report is considered as the Seychelles Stock Exchange. In 2019, she received 12 domestic exchanges worth $ 15.83 billion from BTC from foreign exchanges and sent $ 20.83 billion from BTC. 25 US exchanges bought silver with a total sales of $ 18 billion across the border.

Seychelles – European Union leads

The most active international trade routes are Seychelles – the European Union, Seychelles – the United States and Seychelles – South Korea, where each connection yields volumes of over $ 2 billion.

As regulators around the world strive to strengthen control over digital assets, it will be interesting to see how this affects the world of cryptocurrencies. Either more trade will go to the judicial system, which provides better protection for investors, or perhaps the opposite will happen in the form of a protest against state supervision.