Lily Knight, 3, “the world’s youngest bitcoin teacher,” interviewed billionaire MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor for his YouTube channel in a video filmed April 13.

In an interview, Lilly noted that having accumulated over $ 2 billion in bitcoin since August 2020 has been a “difficult step.”

The little girl and the unconfirmed “scammer” became something of a flask in the crypto room in mid-February after she posted (with the help of her parents) a video explaining the dynamics of Bitcoin using Skittles candy.

The video caught the attention of Sailor and fellow billionaire Tyler Winklewus, and they both retweeted the video. “Three-year-old Lilly understands bitcoin better than most central bankers,” Winklevoss added.

Lily’s father pointed out in a Reddit post that the “ridiculous idea” for the interview with Sailor arose after he thanked the largest Bitcoin fan in the world for retweeting the video. Sailor responded to this idea. Her father revealed that the video required a lot of editing, as he had to “beg and bribe” Lily to sit still while they had written down the questions in advance for the founder of MicroStrategy to answer later:

“We recorded part of her interview and zoomed in and included her questions, while we stopped after each question until he answered. I hope we can do it live, but at this age she’s unpredictable … she can explode in a frozen heart, a song or something, maybe when she gets older.

The first question Lilly asked was: “When did you first buy Bitcoin? What convinced you to buy? “Sailor said it was looking for new Treasury strategies to maintain shareholder value in March 2020 due to” the fatal suspicion that the funds have been disrupted. “Sailor added:

“I went on an insane mission to find a solution. I was happy to discover Bitcoin, which has been a store of value for a long time. So as soon as I discovered Bitcoin and understood all the features of a digital surveillance network, I started buying it and I did not stop. ”
“Many people do not understand what Bitcoin is,” said the young crypto guru, and Sailor asked, “What do you think is the biggest misconception?” The billionaire said that people often describe Bitcoin as a pure investment site or a speculative asset, but he describes it as “the world’s largest surveillance network”:

“Bitcoin is the world’s first digital surveillance network, and it’s a technology. And when you start thinking about it as the best technology for the money, you realize that it’s not just a business. It’s actually a way of thinking about the world. ”
It may have gotten out of Lily’s control.

It ended with the question, “What do you have next?” Sailor replies that he is committed to doing everything in his power to spread Bitcoin to billions of people, and to educate the world about the benefits of Bitcoin. ”

“When I have free time, I will buy more bitcoins,” he added.