Investment firm, a cryptocurrency and blockchain trading company, has announced a historic deal to acquire 50% of the shares of real estate company Metaverse Group in a deal worth more than $ 1.6 million. is expected to capitalize on the purchase – arguably the largest purchase of a virtual real estate company – by developing asset opportunities for casual retail investors who want more access to non-public tokens, NFTs, decentralized finance, or DeFi assets.

The Metaverse Group provides services similar to traditional real estate companies in that it deals with the acquisition, development and management of real estate, as well as marketing and marketing services. However, the group is very different due to the adoption of blockchain technology, gaming and NFT, as well as the many other technologies that make up the metaverse.

While the true definition of the metaverse continues to evolve into a unified consensus, technology is at least a virtual 3D environment in which users can interact, communicate, and evolve. Fortnite and Roblox gave us a glimpse of this world, as did Ernest Klein’s First Player at the Ready.

The Metaverse Group owns a number of prestigious plots and properties in some of the world’s most popular metaverse games: Decentraland, The Sandbox and Somnium Space, among others, and is headquartered in the Crypto Valley of Decentraland.

Andrew Kegwell, CEO of, shared some thoughts on the potential impact of space:

“Metaverse is a game changer in the way advertisers and brands sell their products. As more people gather in these virtual cities, the demand for land grows as it can reach a new global demographic. The Metaverse Group could become a major owner and developer using the same strategies as actual property managers. ”
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Tech giant Facebook solidified its intentions for Metaverse last month by launching a $ 50 million research and development fund. The company announced its ambition to create a complete virtual world with a full range of products and services within ten years.

To realize this virtual vision, the company is seeking 10,000 new EU employees for positions ranging from specialized engineers to virtual architects.

Source: CoinTelegraph