Veteran trader Peter Brandt believes that Bitcoin (BTC), after falling more than 30% from a high of $69,000, may form a so-called “double peak” model. 2017.

The CEO of Factor LLC recalled that Bitcoin was unable to extend its all-time high to near $65,000 after the second attempt. At the same time, it showed direct support for the BTC price at the so-called neckline close to $30,000, and warned that it would fall further below this critical level.

Weekly BTC/USD price chart with bimodal pattern. Source: TradingView, Peter Brandt
Is it realistic for the price of Bitcoin to plummet by 50%?
In detail, the traditional map will form two consecutive peaks, each of which leads to a strong downward reversal of value as a sign of decline. The lower target in the double-ended approach is about as deep as the height of the pattern formation.

However, the goal of a double decline is a bit impractical here, because confirming the pattern will show that the price of Bitcoin has fallen by nearly $35,000. This means that in a perfect world, the price of BTC may fall below $0, which is extremely unlikely to happen.

However, if the price falls below the neckline of $30,000, Bitcoin’s ultimate downside target may be the exponential 200-week moving average (200-week EMA, orange wave in the chart below), which is currently about 50% lower than the current price, close to USD 23,500.

BTC/USD daily price chart with 200-week EMA support. Source: TradingView
The 200-week EMA made a significant contribution to the appearance of the bear market bottom, as shown by the upward arrow in the above chart. However, Brandt recalled:

“The chart pattern is not a chart pattern until it is completed and confirmed. Before that, I was only interested in transients.”
BTC price fell again?
Ignoring a possible economic recession, Bitpanda Chief Product Officer Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad claimed that the decline in the price of Bitcoin from US$69,000 to US$42,000 was similar to the price fall in May 2021, with a fall of more than 50%. Just to reduce all these losses. Sign up later.

“Like the recent decline, leverage has increased volatility and eliminated most long positions,” Enzersdorfer-Konrad told Cointelegraph in an email, referring to the 2.5 billion that was liquidated in just a few hours at 4pm Dollar. .μ. December. , Which resulted in an overnight correction of approximately 20% for most cryptocurrency assets.

The analyst added:

“Under these conditions, the Bitcoin market will take some time to recover. The overnight chart is still volatile but still bullish over time.”
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From an upward technical perspective, a popular independent market analyst under the pseudonym “wolf” views Bitcoin as an oversold asset based on the Relative Strength Index (RSI) in the daily time chart.

The daily BTC/USD price chart and RSI rebounded. Source: TradingView, @IamCryptoWolf
Wolf expects that the BTC price will test US$51,780 as its next resistance level and expand the upward trend to close to US$60,000.

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Source: CoinTelegraph