Twitter posted an update on July 30 that revealed how hackers had access to its internal network and account management tools in a recent attack.

It also provides details on the additional measures taken to increase security since piracy, which recorded 12 Bitcoin (BTC) by targeting popular Twitter accounts and cryptocurrencies.

Fishing rod to supplement
The update confirms that Twitter was a victim of a social engineering attack, causing rumors to say that piracy may have been a job inside.

According to the report, the July 15 incident began with a spearfishing attack, targeting a small number of workers over the phone to obtain evidence of network access:

“Not all targeted employees initially have permission to use account management tools, but attackers use their credentials to access our internal systems and obtain information about our operations.”

The attacker would then use this knowledge to target additional employees with access to account support tools.

A poor worker loses his tool
In response to reports that more than 1,000 employees have access to admin tools, Twitter made it clear that it has teams around the world helping to support the account.

However, access to the tool is very limited and only granted for legitimate business reasons. Since the attack, access has been limited, and will continue its educational program on the dangers of phishing attacks.

While hacking, he reached 130 Twitter accounts, 45 of his tweets, entered inbox of direct messages from 36 and uploaded seven Twitter data.