The auctions were sponsored by Illumino, an NFT company that sought to bring together “talented people and artists” to reveal the innovative art in this series. Illumino is compiled by Los Angeles-based managing agency Keel, Cryptocurrency Framework Ventures, and Bruch Projects, the NFT arm of Manna Ventures.

Launched on Valentine’s Day, NFT started with unique 3D shows selling for the highest price.

Among the masterpieces were Bustling City and Top in My Head, works by FEWOCiOUS and Two Feet, which sold for $ 150,000 and $ 158,888, respectively.

Two more collaborations were available for public auction at a fixed price of $ 999 each, so there were unlimited NFT purchases during the auction. A total of 383 CryptoCaster and 324 City Hand issues were minted, bringing in $ 382,600 and $ 323,700 respectively.

Overall, the four companies generated over $ 1 million in initial sales, putting Nifty at its highest value for 2021. The Blockchain Review’s Twitter account noted that only three artists had previously released NFTs, leading to seven numbers for the initial sale.

Platinum musician Two Feet and renowned 18-year-old visual artist FEWOCiOUS have teamed up to launch non-native tokens, or NFTs, on Winklevoss’s NFT market, Nifty Gateway.

According to the advertisement, FEWOCiOUS’s Two Feet and NFT were designed to show “how creative people can use sophisticated tools to interact with fans – and make money again – at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic closes concerts. Galleries “.

The announcement of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the arts minister confirmed the direct – with blockages damaging income streams for many musicians and artists due to devastating concerts and exhibitions – Michael Ehrlich, co-founder of Illumino Cointelegraph, told the company that the company was not formed in response to the pandemic …

“While the company was not created in response to the epidemic, we are committed to helping artists discover innovative ways to share and invest in their work with the world,” he said.

Ehrlich said Illumino plans to launch “more projects in the future that will bridge the gap between the various artist communities,” noting that “musicians and visual artists will be the starting point as more collaborative media emerge on the web.”

“The next two releases of innovative concepts demonstrated during the first release will continue. We plan to make new changes to the NFT scene as we did by randomly distributing a physical Fender guitar one-on-one to CryptoCaster Open Edition NFT buyers. ”
NFTs seem to have been hugely popular this Valentine’s Day, as crypto artist David Rudnik also sold a digital flower on February 14 for 10.8 Ether worth around $ 18,600.